Graphic Design

Travel o Wik — Branding

Some time back I was requested to do some branding work for Travel o’ Wiki. The catch was that they had a shoestring budget in terms of starting off their brand and required core collaterals — mostly a Logo, Mascot, Letterhead and Business Card — for the launch of their website. Considering this was my first major branding project, I did my best to create the necessary collaterals, including the mascot in several poses and various uses.

DSK International Campus — UI / Website Redesign

On my brief contract with DSKIC, among many other things I was asked to redesign their website. One of the core points in the brief was to keep it traditionally familiar (along similar lines as the Rubika website), and yet upgrade the looks as well as the interface to fit in with modern times. After the upgrade, I eventually handed the administration of the site back to the school.

Plume Creator — Redesign

A while back, trying to look for a good novel-writing solution for Ubuntu / Linux, I bumped into a software called Plume Creator. I quickly grew very fond of it, and decided to use it exclusively for most of my stories. Eventually, however, some ui quirks began to bother me, so I asked the developer if I could help design it better. Fortunately, he was open to it, and we began working with other testers, who also provided great UI feedback, to help make Plume better!

Zim Wiki – Visual Redesign

Zim Wiki is perhaps my most favorite notebook app for Linux that I heavily depend on. So I’ve taken liberties to see how it can be improved.