Plume Creator — Redesign

A while back, try­ing to look for a good nov­el-writ­ing solu­tion for Ubuntu / Linux, I bumped into a soft­ware called Plume Creator. I quick­ly grew very fond of it, and decid­ed to use it exclu­sive­ly for most of my sto­ries. Eventually, how­ev­er, some ui quirks began to both­er me, so I asked the devel­op­er if I could help design it bet­ter. Fortunately, he was open to it, and we began work­ing with oth­er testers, who also pro­vid­ed great UI feed­back, to help make Plume bet­ter!

What it looked like back then (image cour­tesy of Ken McConnel).


What it looks like now.


Here’s what (and I how) I con­tributed.

Simpler Project Manager


Novel Outliner


The Attendance database (variants)


Plume Attendance 1

Plume Attendance minimal 2

Plume Attendance minimal

Attendance docking idea

Plume Creator Attendance Dock

Final design iteration (mock-up)


Sexy, huh?

While not every­thing made it in, all our efforts were worth it: We got a bet­ter Plume!

UPDATE: Though I did not intend on stop­ping there. Sometime lat­er, in the June of 2016, I decid­ed to brain­storm a hypo­thet­i­cal “Plume for Mobile” idea. While the devel­op­er him­self may had no inten­tion on build­ing upon it, I just want­ed to have some pure cre­ative fun to imag­ine what this hypo­thet­i­cal app may look and func­tion like with files synced direct­ly with the desk­top ver­sion via cloud.

Plume Mobile!

The Outliner

The Attendance — Character, Items and Places Organizer


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