Xplore Signs & Digital — Animated Advert

About a year back, I was hired by Exceptionaire Technologies (whom I’ve previously worked with, including for a mini 2D Straight-Ahead Animation which can still be seen on their homepage) to work on an advert for their client, Xplore Signs & Digital. The animation requested was in 3D, which I’ve made entirely on Blender.

You can watch the entire advert here.

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Space Selfie

Did I just draw a selfie?! Well… What started as an experiment ended up like this. Enjoy!

Dear Voters

I’ve noticed something important in the current Karnataka Assembly Elections, which is also a similar trend I’ve been witnessing with the American presidential elections of 2016. Given that the Indian General Election is just around the corner (by which I mean next year), I wanted to say something that I’m not sure how many people will welcome it. I still hope you can give it a thought.

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Children of the Clay: War Cry (Song)

This is only the first draft. As I continue revising this song, I will update this post accordingly.

Primarily written for Chrono Compendium’s Dream Splash entry, inspired by the Golems from the game Chrono Trigger (as well as actual golems from old folklores), I’m actually considering collaborating with a musician to turn this into an original song.

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Timekeepers Tarot 8 – Strength

The first illustration among many upcoming ones in a personal Tarot project that me and few others have been undertaking lately, where I create the art for the symbolism devised by those who understand decks like the Rider-Waite to help visualize it. These cards are also inspired by another classic story that has a cult-following but has largely been forgotten by the mainstream.

Can you guess who the character in this image is?

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RIP Isao Takahata – On Trapping Sunlight in a Box

I’ve just heard the news that Isao Takahata, of Studio Ghibli and passed away today.

I can’t claim to be a big fan of his, as I have yet to watch several of his works — including Grave of the Fireflies — he has left me with some really prominent childhood memories with a classic show from the World Masterpiece Theater, Heidi, Girl of the Alps.

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