Daily Death Report — A Steins;Gate Storyboard / Animatic

A while back, I made a comprehensive scenario as a creative exercise called “Intrepid Valkyrie”, the first project of which being character-designs for the main heroes. This is the second project for the same creative exercise, not only serving as an “origin story” of sorts for the protagonist but also attempting to answer some lingering …

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The Hindupati Padshah

šŸš© Hindupati Padshah Chattrapati Shahu Maharaja šŸš©Grandson of Shivaji the Great. Son of Dharamveer Chattrapati Shambhuji Maharaja.šŸ“œ Punyashlok Ajatashatru Praudha Pratāpa Chakravartin Sarvabhauma Swami Shrimān Rājāshri Maharājādhirāja Kshatriyakulāvantasa Hindupati Pādshāh Chattrapati Shivāji “Shāhu” Mahārāja šŸ‘‘The Maratha Saint-Emperor whose forces conquered from Delhi to Rameshwaram & consolidated India under Hindu Domination once again after the 27 …

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The Camisado of Rajaram

“Let Alamgir see that the Army of Shivaji still exists & Rajaram is a part of it.I will prove to him, that the Maratha Spirit is not yet extinct!” Son of Shivaji the Great, The 3rd Kshatriyakulāvantas, Chattrapati Rajaram Maharaja Commissioned by @TMahrattas on Twitter.

Steins;Gate – Intrepid Valkyrie – Character Design (Heroes)

I gave myself a simple brief: If the first four chapters of ā€œSteins Gate: Boukan no Rebellion (Rebellion of the Missing Ring)ā€, including its Chapter 0, were adapted into an animated filmā€¦ what would it look like? This led led me to ponder what creative liberties I could take and what problems I may have …

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A Certain Laxus Railgun

Practice (meme) painting of Laxus from “Fairy Tail” stealing the special move of Mikoto Misaka from “A Certain Scientific Railgun”.