Plume Creator — Redesign

A while back, trying to look for a good novel-writing solution for Ubuntu / Linux, I bumped into a software called Plume Creator. I quickly grew very fond of it, and decided to use it exclusively for most of my stories. Eventually, however, some ui quirks began to bother me, so I asked the developer if I could help design it better. Fortunately, he was open to it, and we began working with other testers, who also provided great UI feedback, to help make Plume better!

What it looked like back then (image courtesy of Ken McConnel).


What it looks like now.


Here’s what (and I how) I contributed.

Simpler Project Manager


Novel Outliner


The Attendance database (variants)


Plume Attendance 1

Plume Attendance minimal 2

Plume Attendance minimal

Attendance docking idea

Plume Creator Attendance Dock

Final design iteration (mock-up)


Sexy, huh?

While not everything made it in, all our efforts were worth it: We got a better Plume!

UPDATE: Though I did not intend on stopping there. Sometime later, in the June of 2016, I decided to brainstorm a hypothetical “Plume for Mobile” idea. While the developer himself may had no intention on building upon it, I just wanted to have some pure creative fun to imagine what this hypothetical app may look and function like with files synced directly with the desktop version via cloud.

Plume Mobile!

The Outliner

The Attendance — Character, Items and Places Organizer

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