Eugene Polar – Detective Sculpture

Eugene Polar

Polar Detective has been on hiatus (again) due life priorities, and hence no updates whatsoever — neither here, nor on my poetry blog.

Although, since :iconwindmaedchen: decided to come to India for holidays, she helped me learn a new skill as time passed. This piece is probably the first I’ve ever done, and is brought to fruition with her help. Sure, it may not be as good as the works of :iconmangakasan:, but we’ll get there eventually. ;)

This version of Eugene, however, is probably an adolescent one rather than young teenager shown in our comics. And yet he looks so dashing with that magnifying glass!

1) Air-drying clay (white and black)
2) Tin-foil of bulking
3) Wires for armature
4) Newspaper, water and Fevicol glue for the platform
5) Camel Artist’s Acrylic Colours
6) Dagger brush (size 6, I think)
7) Toothpick

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