A poem I wrote sometime two years back about the human nature’s destructive ideological certainty. Initially I was frustrated by such a tendency on the Right, but recently I’ve started noticing it on the Left too where it grew dangerously in the last few years.

Lazy Designers and Their Wings

So I was designing some wings for an illustration for project. Thought I’d just snag some already available on Google Images, but something in me made we want to write this, going, “SHUT UP AND READ THIS!” ….Okay, inner voice. Okay.

The Chicken and the Road

Why did the chicken cross the road? It did not. There IS no other side. Is there any place to hide From the doubts of withinThat makes our head spin? I wish I could Pin-Point that one voice from the dinThat encourages me onTo the road of a new dawn.

Los Invictus (Sonnet)

Reason is bound to our perception, which in turn is bound to what knowledge we have of the world and our emotions. When Reason tells you that people are greedy, world is crappy, and you cannot trust anyone, Imagination knocks on your door just to tell you, “Oh yeah? Well, challenge accepted!” Happy Sol Invictus …

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