Eugene Polar — Detective Sculpture

Eugene Polar

Polar Detective has been on hia­tus (again) due life pri­or­i­ties, and hence no updates what­so­ev­er — nei­ther here, nor on my poet­ry blog.

Although, since :iconwindmaedchen: decid­ed to come to India for hol­i­days, she helped me learn a new skill as time passed. This piece is prob­a­bly the first I’ve ever done, and is brought to fruition with her help. Sure, it may not be as good as the works of :iconmangakasan:, but we’ll get there even­tu­al­ly. ;)

This ver­sion of Eugene, how­ev­er, is prob­a­bly an ado­les­cent one rather than young teenag­er shown in our comics. And yet he looks so dash­ing with that mag­ni­fy­ing glass!

1) Air-dry­ing clay (white and black)
2) Tin-foil of bulk­ing
3) Wires for arma­ture
4) Newspaper, water and Fevicol glue for the plat­form
5) Camel Artist’s Acrylic Colours
6) Dagger brush (size 6, I think)
7) Toothpick


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