Children of the Clay: War Cry (Song)

This is only the first draft. As I continue revising this song, I will update this post accordingly.

Primarily written for Chrono Compendium’s Dream Splash entry, inspired by the Golems from the game Chrono Trigger (as well as actual golems from old folklores), I’m actually considering collaborating with a musician to turn this into an original song.

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A poem I wrote sometime two years back about the human nature’s destructive ideological certainty. Initially I was frustrated by such a tendency on the Right, but recently I’ve started noticing it on the Left too where it grew dangerously in the last few years.

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(Short Story) Keep Calm And Kill

There is Us. There is Them. And in between… there are Echoes.

Originally posted on CampusDiaries.


I wrote this story in a day, without preparations, on a given theme for Words’ Worth competition at 30th of December. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the story in time. That’s totally okay, because I was only in it for the challenge, and I’m happy.

The theme was dichotomies and binary words (example: Hot-Cold, Big-Small, etc.) where one can be estimated in comparison with another. Considering I’ve been voicing about a certain dichotomy in our very lives for a while now, the “Us-Them” binary has was the first thing that hit me, which resulted in me writing this story in my stream-of-consciousness. This is also an extension of my poem “Imaginary Lines”.

Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing!

Disclaimer: This is purely fictional. None of the characters or settings represent anything or anyone in real life, nor does it portray accurately how the military functions. I’m taking artistic liberties here. Also, despite the fictional setting, I do take inspiration from real events – such as soldiers being abandoned after their services, CIA tortures, sexual war-crimes by armed forces, etc. – to get a point across. I’ve intentionally left most characters nameless to keep them amorphous, so it becomes easier to imagine them as just about anyone from any group, race or political leaning.

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(Pseudo-Rap) Ring Around The Roses — Wedding Tribute version

This is perhaps the first time I’ve tried to seriously write a rap. There are two versions of this pseudo-rap, this one being the first. I wrote this as a wedding present Mayur and his wife Akshatha, but didn’t get the chance to perform it for them (this piece is best experienced performed, not read). The second version is a personal one, but I’ll upload that some other time. 🙂

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Lazy Designers and Their Wings

So I was designing some wings for an illustration for project. Thought I’d just snag some already available on Google Images, but something in me made we want to write this, going, “SHUT UP AND READ THIS!”

….Okay, inner voice. Okay.

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I Will Be Home

​A series of letters from the battlefield, from a soldier to his fiance waiting to hear from him again. ​

A performance piece from Pune Poetry Slam of August 2014. This poem was inspired by a letter from Gernot Knopp to Dorothy Bird, a heart-wrenching story which you can read about here.

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Imaginary Lines


What if our Indian Pledge (and Anthems from any part of the world) was an honest projection of our contemporary times? Let me break down the walls we’ve built, because it creates more enemies than is supposed to keep away. Let me erase the imaginary lines, because it stops our love from expanding.

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I Am

Edit from the future, 2017: I don’t like this piece anymore. Someday I’ll rewrite this, or even roast myself for this.


I initially dedicated this to the ones who started Pune Poetry Slam and Airplane Poetry Movement, but as I kept writing, the poem quickly developed a theme of courage to start something wonderful despite all the doubts and pressures of conventional naysayings a person goes through in their lives. Of course, this is also a reminder for myself that every first step is always meaningful.

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