Whether you want to just say hi or require my services, feel free to contact me! Business-related emails will take priority for me, though I will find time to get back to you either way if need be.

With a good brief and consistent communication, you will find it very easy to work with me — even if I may be an introvert. I generally do my best to understand the client's requirements, and taking it upon myself to solve whatever problems comes into the production of that vision.

Besides, it's fun, and I love what I do, and nothing makes me happier than creating stuff!

What Can I Order?

Simple Illustration

As a gift or a character portrait for simple game-art, it's is the perfect option on a budget!

Digital Art (2D or 3D)

Print-quality paintings and vector art, Sculpts, 3D models and landscapes, and all that jazz.


3D, Motion Graphics or Hand-Drawn animation, or even a simple storyboard.

Logos and Graphic Design

Need a logo and personality for your brand? A mascot to stand out from the crowd?

Lost? Here's some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

What do I mention in my brief?

Give me as much detail as possible to understand what you need, so I can think about how I can about creating it exactly as you want it (or perhaps even better). If you have a specific budget in mind, tell me because that helps too. While I don't mind being on call or having a meeting about the brief, I usually like my proposals and communication in writing to refer back to. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Background: Tell me about yourself and (if applicable) your company / business.
  • Audience: What demograph (or, in case of gift, person) you want the work to be targetted towards, so we could customize the feel and style of the art based on that information.
  • Objectives: What is the purpose of the commission? Relate with the audience at some level? Sell a brand new product? Is there a story that the commission needs to communicate?
  • Deliverable: What is the end-product that you'd like to commission to have? A poster? Book cover? A small comic? If it is branding, what collateral designs are you looking for?
  • Specifications: How do you intend to use the design? What's the file-size and format? What colour scheme, style, etc. that you have in mind? Even sending me reference pictures also helps communicate all this.
  • Time frame: By when do you need the design to be completed? This helps create a schedule for us to work with.

How much do you charge?

That entirely depends on the scope of the work, the type and complexity of the project, as well as its immediacy. It's something we would have to calculate and negotiate on together, and I do my best to make the rates fair for both you and me. Don't worry, I'm pretty flexible.

Here are some approximate estimations, though they are likely to change on a case-by-case basis:

A simple illustration could cost somewhere between $10 to $100 (i.e. approx ₹600 to ₹6,000) — perhaps more if the character or object is too complex. Starts with simple sketch, may go through iterations depending on your satisfaction, then rendered in detail in color or otherwise. There is a set amount of revisions you get with it.

The price is also affect by whether or not you intend to use it for commercial purposes (for example, a simple design, if commissioned for $20 for personal use, may go up $50 if you intend to sell it as t-shirts). I only charge one-time for commercial use because I prefer to give my clients sufficient commercial freedom (that, and I'm also not really fond of having to handle royalties, unless you're interested in doing it for me, in which case you'll have to show me your record of being able to make sales).

A detailed book-cover illustration, with characters inside or outside a building, possibly displaying a landscape of some kind, full colour. Also included, a high-resolution poster design and flyers for marketing including supplied text: $200-$500 (approx. ₹12,000-₹30,000). This includes full commercial rights for that given product, no royalties (unless a publisher chooses to provide me with that option).

A simple motion-graphics animation: for 30secs each it could go between $100-$200 (approx. ₹6,000-₹12,000).

Although, if you know anything about Indian culture, you know we're big on discounts. You can expect up to 20% discount in special cases if you're regular client (depending on circumstances and the project)! I'm not a very social person, so this is usually my way of expressing gratitude to those who love what I do and always think of me for my services.

How does the payment / work schedule work?

I don't start working until 50% of the estimated costs is paid up-front, and I don't send the final product in its highest resolution without watermark until the final payment has been paid.

The work begins once the payment has been recieved. Therein, for every draft I create I ask my client for approval before I proceed with the next iteration. This process usually consists of a total of 3 revisions, unless the client chooses to purchase additional revisions. I send the final draft for the client to approve (low-res and watermarked) and polish the art. Once the final payment is recieved, the client recieves all the necessary files as well as the final art in full quality for use.

Why are revisions limited, and what if I need more?

There's a saying that art is never finished, only abandoned. Because of the nature of art, there's will always be a way to add, remove or change samething in order to improve it — the potential for improvement is infinite. But even for an artist who loves perfection in his craft, there comes a time when you have to judge that art as having been finished, otherwise I will neither be able to sustain a living without a higher budget from the client nor will I have time to tackle additional projects.

Even clients who commission me for work will usually want a previous art — months later — to be revised and made better, and sadly I can't always be available for that. There's nothing wrong with that, and in fact that's a great idea. But even so, making changes takes time. In order to ensure that I give my clients maximum attention I need to be compensated for my time.

This is why I also sell revisions if a client ever needs it, and I do my best to charge reasonably. I like to give my clients exactly what they're looking for, despite the fact that art and design take a lot of time and effort, hence the various options that I offer exist.

How long will it take?

I will specify my availability after I recieve your breif and give you an idea how long your project will likely take or if it's possible to complete it within a set deadline.

Approximately (depending on the type of project, including artist-client communication) a character art could take between a day to a week, an animation between a week to a month.

It also largely depends on the quality of the work, and the amount of time and love I put into polishing it and making it look its best. I don't mind rushing my work if the client needs it in short-notice, with sketchy and rough drawings or improper animation timing, but I believe it's worth putting in time to make sure that you get the best work from me as possible which you might be proud of showing it around.

What about copyright?

I create art for both personal and commercial use for any individual and company that commissions it, and the intended use of that art must be specified in the brief.

I retain ultimate ownership of almost every work I do (which I use for promoting myself and my business), unless in rare circumstances where the transfer of ownership is required. The clients who commission me also retain rights for the usage they've specified in the brief, and they shall not be limited from doing so.

However, for commercial use, certain works may require a licensing/usage rights to be purchased. This allows the work to be used in a commercial way under certain conditions. This contract will stipulate usage terms and is not a transfer of ownership, property or copyright. This arrangment is suitable for 99% of the projects I work on. The reason I don't transfer copyright is that my work mostly just gets used for a specific purpose and term, then is no longer required or used. If I were to transfer copyright, the work potentially ends up in limbo should the company cease trading or they no longer need the artwork.

I generally make it easier for any client who commissions me to purchase commercial license for it. The work is 100% Royalty Free once the license is purchased via a one-time payment per product, individual or company.