Why I Rebel Against Conformity of All Kinds

I’ve fought against Conformity my whole life since a kid, the consequences of which was — almost always — alienation and worse. And now, even as an adult, I’m fighting Conformity yet again, if not my peer-circle, then the industrial, cultural and political clutches.

No matter what Conservatives, Marxists and otherwise would have you believe, unquestioning conformity isn’t really healthy for a person’s development. But those in position of power don’t want any of us to believe that, because by grouping people together it helps “control” us towards a central agenda. This is where illogical beliefs are bred. This is where superstitions are born. This is where impartial PR masquerades as “scientific fact” that we take for granted due to the nature of the echo-chambers.

Conformity exists in all kinds of forms: It exists in highly restrictive families where kids are expected to “listen and obey”, it exists in certain kinds of schools and colleges where students are indoctrinated and not “educated”, it exists in workplaces, organizations, political parties, movements, communities, religions, etc. almost every place your eyes careen over. Because you are expected to follow a certain “dogma” or else you risk alienation because your involvement is “dangerous” for the rest. This sort of conformity is enforced via political correctness and taboos, where conversations go to die. And the only conversation you’re expected to have is where you “agree” with the party in power over you.

In all this stupidity, it can be pretty hard to remember that you are NOT a label. That you are NOT just a part of a large entity. That you are a PERSON, with your own free choice, your thought, your liberty, and you have the right to choose what to follow, what to believe, and what to do with your life. Unfortunately, those who WANT to be parts of that large entity will hate you for it, because they believe that THEIR struggle and suffering are the only real ones, while everyone else’s is just a dream.

This is why, even though I’m always for Social Justice and poke holes into society’s prejudices, even though I will always support equal rights for women, LGBTQ, under-privileged classes, etc. I can never really stand the “Social Justice Warriors” and other sorts of Cultural Warriors — Progressive, Conservative or otherwise — who preach the same things they fight. They were born as rebels, but end up preaching unquestioning obedience upon everyone, because their “cause” needs to “win” and they want every power they can have. This is Lucifer Effect in action. This is hubris in its fullest potential. Sure, they might destroy the older, flawed structures, but the new ones they create in its place is far from “better”: It still depends on blind obedience from you, it still depends on “indoctrinating the masses”, it still depends on manipulation of language and information, it still depends on demonizing and vehemently attacking those who oppose it, and it’s not the “privileged” who suffer but the under-privileged too, because all this STILL depends on Conformity.

In the end, it all comes down to Conformity. The Master-Slave relationship. But the Progressives can get away with all this because they claim “they are fighting for social justice”. My f**king ass.

I’m a rebel, and I will always be, because you know what? It’s starting to get claustrophobic around here. I can’t breathe.




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