Ulfus the Steadfast

Ulfus the Steadfast

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The third major character of my movie, Fleabane Trilogy – Moonlight Reckoning. The name’s as the title suggests.

He’s a Monk-King-Rebel combo (if you’re wondering how that’s even possible, watch the movie :rofl:), heir to the throne of Choras. His Choran culture was meant to follow one order, “To live and let live”, but this changed ever since Guardia took control. Now he’s a force of good, seeking ways to liberate the commoners. But the only thing that hinders his quest is lack of Power that Falco and Cedric thirst for. But does he really want something so corrupt?

Ulfus is the ONLY major character in the movie that follows the theme of our Group/Studio – Benevolence, and thus has become an avatar of our dreams. BIG thanks to the members of Benevolence and Pendulum for shaping up this character.

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