To Humanity, With Love

An English version rewrite of the recent, popular song Satyamev Jayate (Truth Alone Triumphs), composed by Ram Sampath and written by Prasoon Joshi (listen to the original here). The idea that producer Amir Khan had for the song was a hymn of “romance” towards humanity and truth. I share this hymn, hoping to adapt its vivid sentiments in English verses and do justice to it for foreign readers.

This is not a word-to-word translation of the song (which you can find here instead); this is an aesthetic rewrite to preserve the sentiments (or reinvent / re-adapt concepts). You could say it’s a song of the same feelings sung from another’s heart and words.

  1. You fill me with such color
    That rebels all other hue;
    Engraved on my chest, your name
    Is beheld by eyes with dreams anew.

(Chorus) This ardour, this passion runs too deep
With love in veins emboldened beneath,
Where maddened blood and soul weep,
Awakened to you my love bequeath.
‘Twas your presence that unveiled me the essence
Of Truth and Life, and my purpose and strife.
Truth stands victorious, unconquered like the Sun,
My love for you is honest, blazing golden shun.

  1. I leave a pledge to your light divine,
    There will be no crease, neither wrinkle nor stain,
    For you deserve the grandest of Edenic meadows
    Of sweetest fragrance and blossoming fleabane.
    And your fringes I come to caress,
    In your arms I yearn a warm embrace,
    Where not a voice is too severe,
    I come to sing that song of cheer.


  1. Within me, your color runs wild
    Like a scarlet intoxication of spirit inflamed;
    It’s your kindness of rains and holy winds
    That I’m cleansed, my strength reclaimed.
    Don’t accept me as I am just yet;
    I have miles to go to find my worth.
    Only then, open your heavenly doors,
    As I’m vested in your mirth.
    For this speed of pumping breath,
    For this festival of heartbeat,
    For the self, and the world,
    For every victory and every defeat,
    Just for you, a change parades.


  1. To find myself, to test my dream,
    I too must walk these fires ablaze,
    Why hide the blots that stain our skin?
    Why elude that truth before our gaze?
    As the verdure of time thus calls,
    For you, I promise this tonight;
    I’ll climb the strongest walls,
    And over embers burning bright.
    Every drop of my blood imparts
    As flowers with every deed.
    For every wound, you seep from within
    As the streams crimson bleed.



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