(Ramble) Check Privilege? Check Bigotry.

Reasons why I can never get behind the idea of “Check your Privilege”:

That statement was NOT initially made by the unprivileged; rather, it is the invention of the Upper-Middle Class. You could say that this was because they sympathized with those who are truly unprivileged — but that’s usually just an excuse to veil their self-righteous satisfaction. Most of the people who say that term are only trying to convince themselves that they care about those who are not privileged, but in reality they are only airing and enforcing their own prejudices and believe they are entitled to it. They want to believe they are the “oppressed classes that need to be catered to”, considering privilege as “something horrible”, even though that’s not true. It’s all about self-satisfaction, and less about care for humankind.

In most cases, the ones who scream, “Check your Privilege” are usually MORE privileged than the ones the words are directed at.

You know why the truly unprivileged people don’t often say it? Because they know what it’s like to not have their own voices heard. They know what it’s like to deal with misery at hand, and they would give ANYTHING to be even a little more “privileged” than they are now. Because those who are unprivileged don’t even HAVE the privilege to tell their betters to “Check their Privilege”. They usually also don’t have the privilege to know how the world truly works and why they are in such an insufferable position in the first place.

So, to those who keep yelling “Check your Privilege” — please check your bigotry at the door. We need more concern, more empathy, more love and more HELP to make people’s lives a tad bit easier. We don’t need more armchair wanna-be bigots who prefer to run with their identity politics because they can.

You might be gay, but you also might be a RICH gay, working abroad in super tech industries, being able to afford designer suits worth $2000 every week. You might be a woman, but you might also have enough large-scale industrial influence to lead a massive nation-wide activism in the first place. You might be a heterosexual cis-gendered male, but you might also be suffering from non-verbal classic autism that does not allow you to complete your education or get full-time employment, because the industry is only searching for “capable people”. You might be RICH, but you’re also doing your best to hold on to your fortunes as well as your sanity as much as you can because there are some families that NEED YOUR HELP and you’re doing your best to not let them go extinct.

This world is difficult for everyone. Everyone is having a hard battle of their own. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL.


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