Love: Searching Past Those Lips

Wrote this as a part of speech in a cousin’s wedding. Life of love is long and adventures. Here I wish them the most joyous and enthralling one!


Her heart, so gentle, brightened, burst,

Ignited when lips, though parting, kissed;

Nor he was spared, for he loved her first.

These birds bewitched: What have they missed?


The Sun conceals a storm within,

And Moon has craters yet unseen.

What spirit hides beneath their skin?

What changes await past what they’ve been?


But every love begs adventures still,

Embracing, enduring in frost and rain.

When hearts and breath, unexplored, enthrill —

Behold! They’ve fallen in love again!


In destiny’s reign, through joy and pain,

You’ll find them falling in love again.


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