Left Wing, Right Wing, and the Third Option

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an expert in politics, but I’ve been doing my fair share of study and this is what I’ve observed. If you disagree with me on anything, feel free to critique my views.

The Two-Years-Ago Me would probably not respect the Today Me when I say this, but I’m starting to very much respect the Conservative ideology so long as:

1) It isn’t buried in its own dogma, and
2) Isn’t tainted by other things, such as religion, to become a malformed amalgamation.

Why? Because Conservatism, at its heart, is about stability and it has served well for many civilizations for thousands of years (until the Progressives stepped up and caused a collapse of those civilizations). At best, Conservatism is all about what has worked the best so far and uses that until change is necessary, with an idea that states, “Don’t fix what isn’t broken”. At worst, it can be resilient to even positive change because it fails to acknowledge what IS actually broken.

It’s because of the latter shift recently is what eventually brought about the rise of the Left Wing in power, such as Liberalism (which is good) and Neo-Progressivism (which is bad).

This is also why I believe that “Progressive Conservatism” is an unstable oxymoron.

When you think about it, Conservatism is a much more practical approach than any other ideology around. Heck, even Science shares something in common with it when it comes to its own process, which is why it is so good at predictions compared to anything else.

The Left Wing was all about New Ideas (which weren’t necessarily “new”, but more like “experimental development”). For example: Secularism, the separation of the Church and State. That in itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, with experimental development, there is always a risk of instability within a given civilization, and if that goes unchecked you will also be risking imminent collapse. Such issues can be things like rapid inflation of economy, or even fall in autonomy / rights in the name of “justice / equality”.

This is part of the reason Liberalism, particularly the Classical Liberalism, began to move towards the Right Wing when the Left rapidly rose to power (at least based on what I’ve studied so far), not because the Left Wing was “wrong” but because there have been little to no mechanisms to check flawed ideas that routinely emerged from the Left before implementing them at an authority level. This is a bad idea, because (as every programmer / designer knows) when you don’t check for errors your system will eventually crash, no matter how novel the idea is. (See: Communism)

Just remember that we always need a free market of ideas, which is where the Left has played a very useful part in the implementation of. But at worst, the Left is hardly tolerant of ideas that it does not approve of, which ultimately kills the free market of ideas. At its dogmatic level, the only kinds of ideas that get approved, implemented and enforced at the authority level are the new and yet “untested” ideas (which have massive chances of going wrong), but those that the Left dogmatically believe in any way — taking pride in it if things go right, and absolving itself of blame when things go wrong. The best example of this would be the Indian and Canadian gender-biased laws.

This is why Conservatism is a necessary force to keep up balance between the Left and Right. This is also why Neo-Progressivism hates Conservatism, because that balance doesn’t allow Neo-Progressivism to be the sole moral authority on things.

And this is also why now both the Left and Right wings today have “Liberal” elements in them; Liberalism emerged due to the Right’s apathy towards individualism, and eventually began moving to the Right when the Left began to grow insane. And when both Left and Right began to grow increasingly Authoritarian…

…we saw the emergence of a new “side” to all this to challenge both the Left and the Right — Cultural Libertarianism.


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