Lament: Empathy Wasted

I’m not an empathetic person. I was never an empathetic person. But for some reason, I’m here.

To a lot of people, Empathy is nothing more than the ability to know what someone else might be feeling, and knowing what action may be appropriate at the moment. For some reason, I was never good at that. NEVER good at that.

But even then, Empathy — to me — has always meant something MORE than just that. To me, it has helped me conquer my deepest human prejudices by looking at the greater picture than myself. It is a gateway to newer ideas, in the different cosmos of minds, and even connecting with those I disagree with. Empathy has helped me expand my own mind even more so than sheer skepticism would have allowed. It has helped stop wars before they begin. It has helped me know my judgements better, beyond what may be politically correct. It has helped me to safely jump into the abyss which others thought to be “dangerous”, and allowed me to venture into darkness that many others so vehemently feared that they became darker than the darkness itself, leaving me reflecting a little bit of light that I could, on my own.

Even though I’m VERY socially awkward to communicate with people, Empathy has helped me find not just the worst in humanity, but also the BEST POTENTIALS in every person I’ve met no matter how good or bad they thought themselves to be. Empathy helped me see the past in the eyes of the ones I’ve held in my hands, and the futures carefully built by children as they fold paper and create things that would put the world’s architects to shame.

I’m not an empathetic person. I was never an empathetic person. But for some reason, empathy has helped me see eternity. It’s beautiful. And I have no idea what to do with it.

Because what’s strange is that — despite being MORE empathetic than I’ve ever been — most people (with the exceptions of a few) aren’t able to see what I see from this vantage point.

And I feel fucking lonely, as I lament that such a great gift of human evolution is going to waste.


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