Inseparable – Cover

Inseparable – Cover


What is “Inseparable”? Everything… and Nothing…

Whether objectively or in abstract, we have seen the separation of siblings from a common root, and we have seen the merging of differences into harmony. All sciences and arts, every varying perceptions, are parts of the same humanity, which in itself is part of nature. It is easy to imagine ourselves as separate from the cosmos, but it is difficult to deny that cosmos has always been around — that we are IN it, we are part of it, and we are created and sustained by it.

Perhaps an infinite complexity can condense into a single equation. Perhaps every eternal enigma can emerge from a familiar circle within. And perhaps the only way to find ourselves is to look beyond into the distant void.

This is the song of everything and nothing that was, that is and that will be. I welcome you home.

Front cover of an experimental comic idea I have in mind (at least until I can find someone to help me with Polar Detective). This is not your everyday commonplace comics, mind you. It’s just my attempt at a… er… calming… surreal art? Not sure if this even has a word yet… So only the most curious amongst you may find it fascinating. (It might start off happy happy, but may slowly go through various Lovecraftian transitions, depending on my mood.)

The comic hasn’t begun yet, and don’t know when it will. Even when it does, it’s likely to be updated at a very slow pace.

It’s been a while since I painted something, and it looks like I need a lot of practice. XD I thank :iconwindmaedchen: for all her help and critique! But no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to emulate either :iconyuumei: or David Revoy…

Tools used: Krita (painting) and GIMP (editing / typography), on Kubuntu. (All opensource)


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