In Memory of Glenn — Chrono Trigger

In Memory of Glenn — Chrono Trigger

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A character from Chrono Trigger (again). But tried to do it slightly in CC’s portrait style. (with my own lot adjustments obviously ;3) A slight “heroic” painting-like portrait for Magus Unmasked project. XD Sorry for the horrible watermark.

The great hero once traveled across the seven seas of the world and time. His devotion to the Queen was unending and he’d die to protect his kingdom and his Queen. He’d avenge his fallen comrade even if it means to transcend time. Filled with patriotism, faith and vengeance in his heart he set sail across the veil of mysteries and emerged as a savior.

Now where he truly is, it is known naught. The events of Chrono Cross fails to tell us. But we can say that he must have gone in search of a new adventure, as many heroic deeds await him!

Long live Sir Glenn of Guardia.

Goes great with THIS music:


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