Do Anti-Feminists Understand Feminism?

Some thoughts on Anti-Feminism.

Everytime someone begins to critique — or even outright unfairly slams — Feminism, one of the most common responses is the old scripted and regurgitated line, “You don’t understand Feminism”. This is ironic, considering Feminism at large doesn’t really understand why anyone would be opposed to the ideology either (they often assume it’s because “Male Supremacists don’t wanna give away power” or “want the right to rape”, which is nonsensical because… who the heck in their right minds would want the RIGHT to RAPE?)

The assumptions are many, but actually trying to understand the other side is a wisdom of its own. Unfortunately, Feminism in general (not necessarily some “Feminists”) doesn’t have that.

For instance, I’ve been a Feminist all my life until this year, when Feminism has officially lost the debate and cares more for cultural warfare. I understand why a person would want to be a Feminist, and that “intention” is sacred, even though the act of being one isn’t. One doesn’t just get “better informed” than “misinformed”; Einstein can’t just create relativity equations then just be “misinformed” about his own creation. In other words, most Anti-Feminists — who used to be Feminists — have simply understood MORE about the impact of the ideology and movement. The only reason they would turn 360 degrees and go against their moral conditioning is IF they realized that the side they’ve been supporting is not only flawed but also has been more devastating to human life than bringing about ANY positive impacts.
And yes, Feminism has trampled on basic human rights more times than any other ideology has in any progressive nation. So much so that people end up dying every day because of Feminism.

In other words, the idea that “Anti-Feminists don’t understand Feminism” is patently false. Just as a lot of skeptical Atheists (not necessarily “ideological Atheists”) don’t trust Christianity because they understand the Bible better than the Christians themselves, so to most Anti-Feminists don’t trust Feminism: They just understand Feminism, sciences and politics better than Feminists themselves do. While Feminists talk about “the history struggles of women against the vile patriarchy in the time of suffrage”, Anti-Feminists actually understand it wasn’t really as simple as most Feminists espouse it to be, that the situation was more complicated, with many campaigns and many sides, many conflicts, and thus many different results. Anti-Feminists understand the many positive impacts that some schools of Feminism has had, but they also understand the overwhelmingly NEGATIVE impact that Feminism has had on people’s lives.
Any humanitarian would understand that people should not be so “disposable”. Their struggle and sufferings should not just be swept under a rug and blamed on “those fringe extremists”, doing absolutely nothing about it. A true humanitarian cares for people’s well-being.

A true humanitarian would NEVER be a Feminist.


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