An Open Letter To The Feminists Who Still Defend Liberal Principles

Ever since the Fourth Wave has begun, I’ve noticed a trend recently, especially in Social Media: Most individuals only seem to “befriend” each other, not because they have something in common or want to get along in a socially healthy way, but because everyone seems to be wanting to “connect” with potential political allies, and ditching them entirely when they don’t seem to be (such as being “seemingly racist” when criticizing the situation with Islam / Saudi Arabia, when they’re in fact not racists).

For example, time and again people talk to me or add me in because I’m extremely pro-woman, pro-children and pro-human rights, but the moment I begin to question Feminism — or even declare myself to be Anti-Feminist — they unfriend me or block me, because I don’t share their political views. (And trust me, this was the case way before I started getting annoyingly Anti-Feminist on my own Social Media channels, but it’s actually not as much annoying compared to dissenting Religious-Turned-Atheists who rebel because they feel they’ve been manipulated and lied to all their lives. Honestly, I feel the same way they do.)

There’s also the issues with censorship, but I’ll be digressing from the point of this letter.

For the Feminists who stuck around, and either endured or read through my posts anyway,
For those who looked at me as a person with concerns and intellect, rather than a political nemesis,
For those who have never denied my right to say things, no matter how absurd or outrageous you’ve found me to be,
For those who did not resort to bullying me, shaming me, or calling me sexist, misogynist, racist, etc.,
For those who even encouraged me to criticize the movement in agreement that everything deserves its fair share of criticism, religion or no,
And especially those who actively defended my rights to say it,

Thank you for appreciating my rights to say what I feel, and thank you for still providing me a platform. That hasn’t gone unnoticed by me. I appreciate that very much.

And that’s what I really love about you guys. Despite your political alignment and personal philosophies, you’ve never bothered to enforce it down someone else’s throat. You’ve defended liberal principles and respected individual freedom, never allowing that to be corrupted by your own morality. You’ve always appreciated what someone else had to say, even if you don’t agree with it. And you’ve actively taken a stand to protect the rights of those that were susceptible of being violated, such as the FTII issues. You’ve revolted at every sign of “banning” things, whether the ban serves someone else’s morality or your own.

You’ve recognized people as “people”, individuals as “individuals”, considered their worth on their own individual merits, without placing them in arbitrary labels of identity politics. And more importantly, you’ve opened up connections of discourse between people of diverse opinions, and not shutting them down “because blasphemy / satan / apostasy / misogyny / privilege”.

That is the one thing truly beautiful about you. Please don’t change that about yourself. Please don’t buy into the fucking circus that mainstream Feminism and the media has become.

Because you might just be the last remaining Liberal Feminists. There’s more of you needed than less. If you change, everything that is “benignly human” about Feminism will be effectively dead.

Your friendly neighborhood disillusioned idealist.


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