Yakub and Death Sentences — My Brief Opinion

When it comes to Death Sentences, governments have seldom been “fair”. But unfortunately, as you know by now, Yakub has been hanged. I’m with Shashi Tharoor on this topic, as he eloquently puts it:

So here’s my two cents:

Death Sentences do jack shit about crimes and terrorism rates. Hanging a terrorist / criminal doesn’t lower crime / terrorism, and might not only “increase” crime rates (because the “one who was hanged” can be regarded as a martyrs for other depraved individuals) but also doesn’t let the terrorists suffer enough in isolation. And there’s also the chance that maybe, just maybe, the person was WRONGLY convicted, and subsequent investigations may shed some light on this.

No, the only ACTUAL reason behind death sentences is, not about justice, but VENGEANCE. That’s what outraged Feminists seek of rapists. That’s what highly Patriotic individuals seek of terrorists from governments. But it should be noted that, just as we should not have the agency of taking someone’s life (unless in self-defense), so too should the government NOT have the agency to execute someone because WE have absolute apathy and contempt for human life. Governments exist to enforce civil order to maintain stability, freedoms, rights and peace, NOT to pamper our prejudices and bloodlust.

In short, death sentences SUCK.


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