Yakub and Death Sentences — My Brief Opinion

When it comes to Death Sentences, gov­ern­ments have sel­dom been “fair”. But unfor­tu­nate­ly, as you know by now, Yakub has been hanged. I’m with Shashi Tharoor on this top­ic, as he elo­quent­ly puts it:

So here’s my two cents:

Death Sentences do jack shit about crimes and ter­ror­ism rates. Hanging a ter­ror­ist / crim­i­nal doesn’t low­er crime / ter­ror­ism, and might not only “increase” crime rates (because the “one who was hanged” can be regard­ed as a mar­tyrs for oth­er depraved indi­vid­u­als) but also doesn’t let the ter­ror­ists suf­fer enough in iso­la­tion. And there’s also the chance that maybe, just maybe, the per­son was WRONGLY con­vict­ed, and sub­se­quent inves­ti­ga­tions may shed some light on this.

No, the only ACTUAL rea­son behind death sen­tences is, not about jus­tice, but VENGEANCE. That’s what out­raged Feminists seek of rapists. That’s what high­ly Patriotic indi­vid­u­als seek of ter­ror­ists from gov­ern­ments. But it should be not­ed that, just as we should not have the agency of tak­ing someone’s life (unless in self-defense), so too should the gov­ern­ment NOT have the agency to exe­cute some­one because WE have absolute apa­thy and con­tempt for human life. Governments exist to enforce civ­il order to main­tain sta­bil­i­ty, free­doms, rights and peace, NOT to pam­per our prej­u­dices and blood­lust.

In short, death sen­tences SUCK.


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