Ulfus the Steadfast

Ulfus the Steadfast

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The third major char­ac­ter of my movie, Fleabane Trilogy — Moonlight Reckoning. The name’s as the title sug­gests.

He’s a Monk-King-Rebel com­bo (if you’re won­der­ing how that’s even pos­si­ble, watch the movie :rofl:), heir to the throne of Choras. His Choran cul­ture was meant to fol­low one order, “To live and let live”, but this changed ever since Guardia took con­trol. Now he’s a force of good, seek­ing ways to lib­er­ate the com­mon­ers. But the only thing that hin­ders his quest is lack of Power that Falco and Cedric thirst for. But does he real­ly want some­thing so cor­rupt?

Ulfus is the ONLY major char­ac­ter in the movie that fol­lows the theme of our Group/Studio — Benevolence, and thus has become an avatar of our dreams. BIG thanks to the mem­bers of Benevolence and Pendulum for shap­ing up this char­ac­ter.

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