To Humanity, With Love

An English ver­sion rewrite of the recent, pop­u­lar song Satyamev Jayate (Truth Alone Triumphs), com­posed by Ram Sampath and writ­ten by Prasoon Joshi (lis­ten to the orig­i­nal here). The idea that pro­duc­er Amir Khan had for the song was a hymn of “romance” towards human­i­ty and truth. I share this hymn, hop­ing to adapt its vivid sen­ti­ments in English vers­es and do jus­tice to it for for­eign read­ers.

This is not a word-to-word trans­la­tion of the song (which you can find here instead); this is an aes­thet­ic rewrite to pre­serve the sen­ti­ments (or rein­vent / re-adapt con­cepts). You could say it’s a song of the same feel­ings sung from another’s heart and words.

  1. You fill me with such col­or
    That rebels all oth­er hue;
    Engraved on my chest, your name
    Is beheld by eyes with dreams anew.

(Chorus) This ardour, this pas­sion runs too deep
With love in veins embold­ened beneath,
Where mad­dened blood and soul weep,
Awakened to you my love bequeath.
‘Twas your pres­ence that unveiled me the essence
Of Truth and Life, and my pur­pose and strife.
Truth stands vic­to­ri­ous, uncon­quered like the Sun,
My love for you is hon­est, blaz­ing gold­en shun.

  1. I leave a pledge to your light divine,
    There will be no crease, nei­ther wrin­kle nor stain,
    For you deserve the grand­est of Edenic mead­ows
    Of sweet­est fra­grance and blos­som­ing flea­bane.
    And your fringes I come to caress,
    In your arms I yearn a warm embrace,
    Where not a voice is too severe,
    I come to sing that song of cheer.


  1. Within me, your col­or runs wild
    Like a scar­let intox­i­ca­tion of spir­it inflamed;
    It’s your kind­ness of rains and holy winds
    That I’m cleansed, my strength reclaimed.
    Don’t accept me as I am just yet;
    I have miles to go to find my worth.
    Only then, open your heav­en­ly doors,
    As I’m vest­ed in your mirth.
    For this speed of pump­ing breath,
    For this fes­ti­val of heart­beat,
    For the self, and the world,
    For every vic­to­ry and every defeat,
    Just for you, a change parades.


  1. To find myself, to test my dream,
    I too must walk these fires ablaze,
    Why hide the blots that stain our skin?
    Why elude that truth before our gaze?
    As the ver­dure of time thus calls,
    For you, I promise this tonight;
    I’ll climb the strongest walls,
    And over embers burn­ing bright.
    Every drop of my blood imparts
    As flow­ers with every deed.
    For every wound, you seep from with­in
    As the streams crim­son bleed.



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