The Valentine’s Witch

Note: The following poetry is a conceptual “opposite” of what you’d call a Serenade, something which I’ve been experimenting with lately. This song is from a boy’s perception to his murderous ex-girlfriend.

A challenge for poets (preferably females, but anyone is free to do so): If you feel inspired this Valentine’s day, write a similar poetry from the girl’s perspective to the boy, preferably titled, “The Valentine’s (insert offensive description here)”. After all, some boys deserve to have their asses kicked. 😉

Don’t forget to show me when you do!

Though all the strange games you play,
My heart surrenders to your grace;
Wretched thoughts taint the rose that is.
To you, O Lady, how must I praise?

You look at me with those killer eyes
That befell a hundred men at a glance;
Those vicious stares but haunt me still
As murder disguises as your dance.

Your lips so tempting, luscious, red;
Does your thirst for blood never end?
Your teeth so full, so radiant white,
Cut through flesh as monsters intend.

A man may lose himself within
Your lovely hair so silky and strong —
Don’t strangle your victims with those; my date
With Medusa is safer still, though wrong.

But how could I rage at a face so fair
That has never received Sun’s generous share?
The sight of her slender body may
Put malnourished children to despair.

But I embrace you, Lady, oh warmly so
(To check for hidden knives, for life’s sake)!
Oh dainty Lady, you appear in my dreams,
At every night… just to frighten me awake…


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