The Hunter



MIYABE (pronounced “Mee-aah-bey”) – Hunter looking for meal for the night.
BOO – The animal, also hunting for meal for the night.

Urban Rhymers

Miyabe, Miyabe; what do you seek?
Hunt for the night in a land so bleak?
And the hunt ran for dear life,
But hunger conquers love and strife.
Run, Miyabe! The monster is in tow.
Strength is unmatched; only deceit will follow.
Stand pompous for your payback is due
to the monster; “Hahaha! Screw you!”
And yet your tricks have no effect
On the hunting prey that hunters neglect.
Lo, Miyabe, the moral stays true!
Don’t mess with those bigger than you.


[Enter peaceful environs scene. Pan camera slowly towards the ground, facing the sun.] [Dramatic entry of Miyabe. Pair of legs are shown running forward. Pan to Miyabe’s torso. Then to his chewing straw.] Miyabe runs and jumps along the trees with his spear. Eventually he stops and removes his goggles from his eyes and sniffs the area.
Silhouette of a pair of legs rush past the camera, but Miyabe doesn’t notice. Thinks deeply.
Miyabe jumps onto a tree and climbs, finding a bush.
Miyabe attacks the hidden animal, but is confused at hearing metal scraping a rock. He rummages through the bush only to find the shadow of animal fleeing.
Miyabe, in pursuit, attempts to launch various attacks onto the animal, but in vain as it hides amongst the trees in a dense forest, out of sight.
With his keen sense of hearing, he notices the animal’s silhouette and launches his spear in that direction, where it embeds itself, followed by a cry of pain. Miyabe jumps for joy and approaches pompously, attempting to remove the spear as well as the animal, taking in more strength than expected for the task, he falls back as the monster behind the bushes shows itself, angry and potentially dangerous.
Miyabe backs off a distance out of precaution. Eyes lock in challenge. Boo, the animal, utters a loud uproar, while Miyabe shows off some strange Kung Fu tricks, gesturing “Bring it on”.
Miyabe attacks, but Boo manages to break his weapon. Miyabe screams like a girl and runs away.
Another chase scene through the forest; Boo attacks with his vicious claws and Miyabe evades for his life. Suddenly, he’s out of sight. Boo attempts to seek his vendetta and somehow finds Miyabe’s goggles on the floor.
A whistle is heard, and a shrike knife thrown at Boo, who reflexively dodges it, scared. Miyabe appears [without his goggles] from one of the trees, giving rude gestures, and throws a couple of more daggers. Boo, enraged, runs towards the tree and heabutts it, breaking it down. Miyabe somehow avoids being hit by jumping over Boo and running for his life.
Chase scene; Boo and Miyabe run around in circles, until Miyabe vanishes out of sight, tricking Boo to keep going. He later appears from behind a tree, attempting to sneak away, but Boo reaches out to his shoulder and pats lightly. Miyabe turns. Boo smiles triumphantly, lifts his fist prepared to punch.
Miyabe laughs his fake, sad laugh. Scene blackens. Audience hears a punch.


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