The Hunter



MIYABE (pro­nounced “Mee-aah-bey”) — Hunter look­ing for meal for the night.
BOO — The ani­mal, also hunt­ing for meal for the night.

Urban Rhymers

Miyabe, Miyabe; what do you seek?
Hunt for the night in a land so bleak?
And the hunt ran for dear life,
But hunger con­quers love and strife.
Run, Miyabe! The mon­ster is in tow.
Strength is unmatched; only deceit will fol­low.
Stand pompous for your pay­back is due
to the mon­ster; “Hahaha! Screw you!”
And yet your tricks have no effect
On the hunt­ing prey that hunters neglect.
Lo, Miyabe, the moral stays true!
Don’t mess with those big­ger than you.


[Enter peace­ful envi­rons scene. Pan cam­era slow­ly towards the ground, fac­ing the sun.] [Dramatic entry of Miyabe. Pair of legs are shown run­ning for­ward. Pan to Miyabe’s tor­so. Then to his chew­ing straw.] Miyabe runs and jumps along the trees with his spear. Eventually he stops and removes his gog­gles from his eyes and sniffs the area.
Silhouette of a pair of legs rush past the cam­era, but Miyabe doesn’t notice. Thinks deeply.
Miyabe jumps onto a tree and climbs, find­ing a bush.
Miyabe attacks the hid­den ani­mal, but is con­fused at hear­ing met­al scrap­ing a rock. He rum­mages through the bush only to find the shad­ow of ani­mal flee­ing.
Miyabe, in pur­suit, attempts to launch var­i­ous attacks onto the ani­mal, but in vain as it hides amongst the trees in a dense for­est, out of sight.
With his keen sense of hear­ing, he notices the animal’s sil­hou­ette and launch­es his spear in that direc­tion, where it embeds itself, fol­lowed by a cry of pain. Miyabe jumps for joy and approach­es pompous­ly, attempt­ing to remove the spear as well as the ani­mal, tak­ing in more strength than expect­ed for the task, he falls back as the mon­ster behind the bush­es shows itself, angry and poten­tial­ly dan­ger­ous.
Miyabe backs off a dis­tance out of pre­cau­tion. Eyes lock in chal­lenge. Boo, the ani­mal, utters a loud uproar, while Miyabe shows off some strange Kung Fu tricks, ges­tur­ing “Bring it on”.
Miyabe attacks, but Boo man­ages to break his weapon. Miyabe screams like a girl and runs away.
Another chase scene through the for­est; Boo attacks with his vicious claws and Miyabe evades for his life. Suddenly, he’s out of sight. Boo attempts to seek his vendet­ta and some­how finds Miyabe’s gog­gles on the floor.
A whis­tle is heard, and a shrike knife thrown at Boo, who reflex­ive­ly dodges it, scared. Miyabe appears [with­out his gog­gles] from one of the trees, giv­ing rude ges­tures, and throws a cou­ple of more dag­gers. Boo, enraged, runs towards the tree and heabutts it, break­ing it down. Miyabe some­how avoids being hit by jump­ing over Boo and run­ning for his life.
Chase scene; Boo and Miyabe run around in cir­cles, until Miyabe van­ish­es out of sight, trick­ing Boo to keep going. He lat­er appears from behind a tree, attempt­ing to sneak away, but Boo reach­es out to his shoul­der and pats light­ly. Miyabe turns. Boo smiles tri­umphant­ly, lifts his fist pre­pared to punch.
Miyabe laughs his fake, sad laugh. Scene black­ens. Audience hears a punch.


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