Spirit (Urdu Rewrite)

The fol­low­ing poem is an Aesthetic Rewrite of an Urdu poet­ry Pighle Neelam Sa’ by Javed Akhtar, and not a direct trans­la­tion. Rewritten by Cyan Los. 


Like molten blue float moments past,
That deep blue as silence cast,
No earth to land, no sky to glance,
In lim­bo I flow, lost per­chance.
The rus­tle of leaves, the twigs and reeds
Have only to say that I’m here indeed.

Just me, my breath,
My beat­ing heart.

And I’m lost in depth uncer­tain,
Lost in soli­tude, alone, unbur­dened,
As I sense that pulse in my wrist,
I have come to believe that I exist.


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