Schala – The Paladin

Schala – Paladin

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Why did the princess bow to fate? Why did she give in her will?
Why did the young prince not speak up? What bound him silent still?
If only he lamented the uncertain, inevitable… if only he stole the light…
The princess would have her will regained to set the wrong to right.

I made this portrait for a dear friend, who has always been around in time of need. He’s a fan of Schala, and often imagined her to (in an alternate universe) take Janus’ place as a warrior, perhaps a Fiendlady. But here, I re-imagined her as a warrior of light, based on another dear friend’s persona.

The armor was based on Magus’ leather vest. But instead of just giving her a scythe, I thought rapiers would make her even more awesome.

Tools: Tools used: Pencils (6B to 2B), Stadtler lineart, Camlin charcoal pencils, eraser, Q-tips, some cotton, and GIMP for corrections and enhancements.

Art-style inspired by :iconhellobaby:


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