Reverie of the Muse

The poem and illus­tra­tion is ded­i­cat­ed to Caro as a Christmas + New Year’s gift. (Click “Read More” for full poem.)


In the sun’s embrace, with sparrow’s grace,
She saun­tered upon the gloom
Where the filth untold, the damp and cold,
Hid trea­sures worth a bloom.
Her eyes alight, she frol­icked despite,
Her dul­cet voice a delight;
Her rosy cheeks the petals caressed
As she danced the wild and right.

For every grey that homed her feet
Relished in emerald’s thrill,
But near­er she drew, set in stone,
One lone­some heart lay still.
Puzzled, aloof she shuf­fled past,
And caught my eyes at last,
And took my hand, pulled me far
Under a mistletoe’s cupid caste.

With inno­cent smile she closed her eyes,
As spir­its bewitched to her beam.
My heart raced and nerves froze;
But she turned and left to her dream.
She left me thence to fall apart;
Why was I emp­ty? Why was I bare?
Robbed; though cold and gullible, played
My heart a rib­bon upon her hair.

I chased up the mount of pages turned,
And found her lost in a book;
I chased the rib­bon past ver­dures of time,
And yet I feared her look.
She stepped on esca­lat­ing cloud,
Out of reach, flew afar,
Dancing to majesty, for azure gen­tle
Called the mir­a­cles of the hour.

She was a sil­ver lin­ing in world’s dis­may,
And her thoughts dis­pelled the smog.
She was a god­dess; what was I to her,
Besides a low­ly frog?
But I croaked the zest­ful wings to grow,
And flew to claim my heart;
Not a glance, she tossed her book below
That rased my wings apart.

And I fell to the mis­er­able world
As dark­ness veiled the sky.
She was gone, with her rever­ies, my heart…
Light was tak­en from the eye.
Lost in murky lands, I limped,
Her jour­nal of thoughts in embrace.
In open pages I rest my eyes,
The words there­in was grace.

Forwhy she frol­icked in dream’s reign,
I found; Wings broke into end­less tears,
And I was lost again…

In my rever­ie I saw her again,
As every hol­low that homed her feet
Relished in emerald’s thrill; she smiled
Like radi­ant sun, warm and sweet.


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