(Ramble) Check Privilege? Check Bigotry.

Reasons why I can nev­er get behind the idea of “Check your Privilege”:

That state­ment was NOT ini­tial­ly made by the unpriv­i­leged; rather, it is the inven­tion of the Upper-Middle Class. You could say that this was because they sym­pa­thized with those who are tru­ly unpriv­i­leged — but that’s usu­al­ly just an excuse to veil their self-right­eous sat­is­fac­tion. Most of the peo­ple who say that term are only try­ing to con­vince them­selves that they care about those who are not priv­i­leged, but in real­i­ty they are only air­ing and enforc­ing their own prej­u­dices and believe they are enti­tled to it. They want to believe they are the “oppressed class­es that need to be catered to”, con­sid­er­ing priv­i­lege as “some­thing hor­ri­ble”, even though that’s not true. It’s all about self-sat­is­fac­tion, and less about care for humankind.

In most cas­es, the ones who scream, “Check your Privilege” are usu­al­ly MORE priv­i­leged than the ones the words are direct­ed at.

You know why the tru­ly unpriv­i­leged peo­ple don’t often say it? Because they know what it’s like to not have their own voic­es heard. They know what it’s like to deal with mis­ery at hand, and they would give ANYTHING to be even a lit­tle more “priv­i­leged” than they are now. Because those who are unpriv­i­leged don’t even HAVE the priv­i­lege to tell their bet­ters to “Check their Privilege”. They usu­al­ly also don’t have the priv­i­lege to know how the world tru­ly works and why they are in such an insuf­fer­able posi­tion in the first place.

So, to those who keep yelling “Check your Privilege” — please check your big­otry at the door. We need more con­cern, more empa­thy, more love and more HELP to make people’s lives a tad bit eas­i­er. We don’t need more arm­chair wan­na-be big­ots who pre­fer to run with their iden­ti­ty pol­i­tics because they can.

You might be gay, but you also might be a RICH gay, work­ing abroad in super tech indus­tries, being able to afford design­er suits worth $2000 every week. You might be a woman, but you might also have enough large-scale indus­tri­al influ­ence to lead a mas­sive nation-wide activism in the first place. You might be a het­ero­sex­u­al cis-gen­dered male, but you might also be suf­fer­ing from non-ver­bal clas­sic autism that does not allow you to com­plete your edu­ca­tion or get full-time employ­ment, because the indus­try is only search­ing for “capa­ble peo­ple”. You might be RICH, but you’re also doing your best to hold on to your for­tunes as well as your san­i­ty as much as you can because there are some fam­i­lies that NEED YOUR HELP and you’re doing your best to not let them go extinct.

This world is dif­fi­cult for every­one. Everyone is hav­ing a hard bat­tle of their own. YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL.


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