(Pseudo-Rap) Ring Around The Roses — Wedding Tribute version

This is perhaps the first time I’ve tried to seriously write a rap. There are two versions of this pseudo-rap, this one being the first. I wrote this as a wedding present Mayur and his wife Akshatha, but didn’t get the chance to perform it for them (this piece is best experienced performed, not read). The second version is a personal one, but I’ll upload that some other time. 🙂



Let’s make a ring around the roses,
Like literally, a RING around the roses,
Coz no amount of proses can beat like beats
Of the heart on hot-seats, uncertain like a smile that closes,
While your feelings make awkward poses,
Slipping under people’s noses.
But your real smile (CLICK)
Is what your selfie knows is.

So. Take it slow.
You’ve got a whole life for that, ya know,
And things take time to grow…. ya know.
When eyes make like the windows
They welcome the inflow
Of the soul that never fails to show
That the aperture is too low,
Just so you know,
That we are TOO VAST to be captured in a CLICK.
And we are TOO FAST for the rapture to PICK
A way to make someone feel loved,
Coz our spirit never stops to rove,
Fooling ourselves above the pain,
Fueling what feels good below the rain,
And if sometimes we feel like we’re high on a plane,
It’s ‘coz sometimes a kiss… is like cocaine.

Okay, those lines were lame,
But you get it all the same,
That none of us can tame this flame.
But if your romance was a movie
It would hit box-office critical-acclaim!
And your chemistry is so mysterious,
We need a whole new science in your name!
And no, not like those heartbreaking astronauts,
Who brag, “I’ll get you the moon!”

Instead let’s put a ring around the moon.
A telescopic ring around the moon.
Who needs a hot-air balloon,
When the sky can be your lagoon?
If it makes you smile every afternoon,
He’ll be the decaf on behalf of your spoon.
But that medicine won’t make you immune,
When a couple is hotter than a desert dune,
And if I were bein’ true, that the spark between you
Might start fireworks in a festival of your arms.

So, let me explain what I mean.
It’s like a ring under the sheen,
It’s like a King around his Queen,
It’s like an astronomical force unseen,
It’s like a Love-Making Machine,
That spices up romantic cuisine,
And still leaves the tang of a tangerine,
Some call it disease, I call it vaccine,
A cupid’s arrow shot with keen eye,
Right in the bull’s eye painted here,
And each time someone’s been keeping scores,

Not the Axe-Effect kind of score, and
Not the Majestic Messi kind of score, but…

The scores, as many as the stars in the sky,
As many as the sands of the beach,
The scores of ways we communicate
Before we learned about speech.
The scores of untanned innocent happiness
That we’ve only begun to sprinkle and teach,
And the scores of religious Cultural Warriors
Who never really practiced what they preach,
Even though scores of expressions of LOVE
Comes from the ancient shores divine
Because these scores of bubbling LOVE
Is what gives the world its spine,
It’s the scores of times we’ve saved the world
By boning beyond borders, with sports and rhyme,
These scores of breath still pass in pondering,
“Will you be my Partner in Crime?”

Because our definitions change
When LOVE turns “I” into “We”,
Like it turns “Two” into “Three”,
And “Heal” into “Healthy”,
And “Sea” into “Season”,
And “Om Nom Nom” into “Nominee”,
And… sure, it also turns “Ban” into “Banshee”, but

You are Youthful.
You are Fruitful.
You are Truthful.
You used to B.U.T. But,
Now you’re B.U.T.Ful.

So let’s put a ring around this finger,
And light a candle where you dine,
The emotions you express with a kiss
Is the same hue as the blush of your wine.
And hell yeah, with a hand in hand,
You can dance with rhythms intertwined.

‘Coz I gotta tell ya. You and you?
You make each other look
Just fine.


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