Polar Detective — Cover

Polar Detective — Cover

The adven­ture begins here, folks! Finally!

Let me tell you a sto­ry: Once upon a time in a land far away, there was a mis­chie­vous thief — a polar bear by the name of Eugene Polar — who stole food and lux­u­ry (and some­times hearts) of many. With his trusty side­kick he sought adven­tures to steal the stars them­selves, take to dreams of grandeur, and sought his path for thrill. And for his shenani­gans he was hunt­ed every­where, in the bar­ren snow and on the frigid moun­tains; he was thrown in prison many times, and yet he broke free again.

Always on the run, he nev­er stopped, and nev­er looked back. Until the very time he actu­al­ly did, and noticed the trail of his deeds. Those who looked to him with hate, those who chased him like wild­fire, their eyes haunt­ed him cease­less­ly so. He knew then that it was time to stop. It was time for a new start.

With a quest to give back more than he ever took, he took his flash­light and searched the shad­ows where the evil plot their devices. The games are afoot and plots unfold, and we encounter inge­nious crim­i­nals and das­tard­ly schemes in this great adven­ture. But lit­tle does Eugene know that he might just be walk­ing into a spider’s trap.

The sto­ry is under­go­ing a re-devel­op­ment. Coming Soon (again)!

Just as an update, if you’re curi­ous to what tools I used to cre­ate this:
MyPaint & GIMP — Planning the lay­out and art (using the Pencil tool).
Inkscape — Nearly every­thing in vec­tors, from the back­grounds to char­ac­ters to title.


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