Love: Searching Past Those Lips

Wrote this as a part of speech in a cousin’s wed­ding. Life of love is long and adven­tures. Here I wish them the most joy­ous and enthralling one!


Her heart, so gen­tle, bright­ened, burst,

Ignited when lips, though part­ing, kissed;

Nor he was spared, for he loved her first.

These birds bewitched: What have they missed?


The Sun con­ceals a storm with­in,

And Moon has craters yet unseen.

What spir­it hides beneath their skin?

What changes await past what they’ve been?


But every love begs adven­tures still,

Embracing, endur­ing in frost and rain.

When hearts and breath, unex­plored, enthrill –

Behold! They’ve fall­en in love again!


In destiny’s reign, through joy and pain,

You’ll find them falling in love again.


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