Los Invictus (Sonnet)

Reason is bound to our per­cep­tion, which in turn is bound to what knowl­edge we have of the world and our emo­tions. When Reason tells you that peo­ple are greedy, world is crap­py, and you can­not trust any­one, Imagination knocks on your door just to tell you, “Oh yeah? Well, chal­lenge accept­ed!”

Happy Sol Invictus / Merry Christmas every­one!

Based on the Blakean mythol­o­gy of Four Zoas, where “Urizen” rep­re­sents con­ven­tion­al rea­son and law, and “Los” rep­re­sents imag­i­na­tion. That said, “Los” is also an ana­gram of “Sol”, which is Roman for “Sun”, although here I used Sun as a sym­bol for “Inspiration”. And because it’s Winter Solstice now, I wrote this for Christmas (although I’m a bit late…) sim­ply because the epic bat­tle between Urizen and Los not only remind me of that one prin­ci­ple of social bond­ing that formed many fes­ti­vals of Winter Solstice (Christmas, Hanukah, most pagan vari­a­tions, Amaterasu, Roman, etc.) but also as a reminder than rigid reduc­tion of the uni­verse will always have a chal­leng­ing spir­it that will rebel and enlight­en all of exis­tence, come what­ev­er storms may.

Written in Iambic Pentameter. This is per­haps my very first Sonnet, and my first time writ­ing in fixed met­ric forms, so cri­tiques are wel­come! (Note: This poet­ry may change as I revise it fur­ther.)


Urizen raged at law­less void unknown,
His order benign was nature’s will invoked,
Then Reason fell to rule whose heav­ens choked,
Where oceans froze and grief of bur­den sown.

Lamenting souls suc­cumbed to world reduced,
For love was dead, and hope forsaken’d, lost…
And yet a sin­gle fire defied the frost,
For Los rebelled, his ham­mer forged anew.

Turning soil to bricks to fortress round,
Burning waters to steam to fly unbound,
Churning love from bro­ken streams of thought.

Eternal win­ters broke into vivid spring.
Urizen stunned, as open win­dows sing
Of gen­tle rays that Los unbri­dled brought.


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