Left Wing, Right Wing, and the Third Option

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an expert in pol­i­tics, but I’ve been doing my fair share of study and this is what I’ve observed. If you dis­agree with me on any­thing, feel free to cri­tique my views.

The Two-Years-Ago Me would prob­a­bly not respect the Today Me when I say this, but I’m start­ing to very much respect the Conservative ide­ol­o­gy so long as:

1) It isn’t buried in its own dog­ma, and
2) Isn’t taint­ed by oth­er things, such as reli­gion, to become a mal­formed amal­ga­ma­tion.

Why? Because Conservatism, at its heart, is about sta­bil­i­ty and it has served well for many civ­i­liza­tions for thou­sands of years (until the Progressives stepped up and caused a col­lapse of those civ­i­liza­tions). At best, Conservatism is all about what has worked the best so far and uses that until change is nec­es­sary, with an idea that states, “Don’t fix what isn’t bro­ken”. At worst, it can be resilient to even pos­i­tive change because it fails to acknowl­edge what IS actu­al­ly bro­ken.

It’s because of the lat­ter shift recent­ly is what even­tu­al­ly brought about the rise of the Left Wing in pow­er, such as Liberalism (which is good) and Neo-Progressivism (which is bad).

This is also why I believe that “Progressive Conservatism” is an unsta­ble oxy­moron.

When you think about it, Conservatism is a much more prac­ti­cal approach than any oth­er ide­ol­o­gy around. Heck, even Science shares some­thing in com­mon with it when it comes to its own process, which is why it is so good at pre­dic­tions com­pared to any­thing else.

The Left Wing was all about New Ideas (which weren’t nec­es­sar­i­ly “new”, but more like “exper­i­men­tal devel­op­ment”). For exam­ple: Secularism, the sep­a­ra­tion of the Church and State. That in itself isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly a bad thing. However, with exper­i­men­tal devel­op­ment, there is always a risk of insta­bil­i­ty with­in a giv­en civ­i­liza­tion, and if that goes unchecked you will also be risk­ing immi­nent col­lapse. Such issues can be things like rapid infla­tion of econ­o­my, or even fall in auton­o­my / rights in the name of “jus­tice / equal­i­ty”.

This is part of the rea­son Liberalism, par­tic­u­lar­ly the Classical Liberalism, began to move towards the Right Wing when the Left rapid­ly rose to pow­er (at least based on what I’ve stud­ied so far), not because the Left Wing was “wrong” but because there have been lit­tle to no mech­a­nisms to check flawed ideas that rou­tine­ly emerged from the Left before imple­ment­ing them at an author­i­ty lev­el. This is a bad idea, because (as every pro­gram­mer / design­er knows) when you don’t check for errors your sys­tem will even­tu­al­ly crash, no mat­ter how nov­el the idea is. (See: Communism)

Just remem­ber that we always need a free mar­ket of ideas, which is where the Left has played a very use­ful part in the imple­men­ta­tion of. But at worst, the Left is hard­ly tol­er­ant of ideas that it does not approve of, which ulti­mate­ly kills the free mar­ket of ideas. At its dog­mat­ic lev­el, the only kinds of ideas that get approved, imple­ment­ed and enforced at the author­i­ty lev­el are the new and yet “untest­ed” ideas (which have mas­sive chances of going wrong), but those that the Left dog­mat­i­cal­ly believe in any way — tak­ing pride in it if things go right, and absolv­ing itself of blame when things go wrong. The best exam­ple of this would be the Indian and Canadian gen­der-biased laws.

This is why Conservatism is a nec­es­sary force to keep up bal­ance between the Left and Right. This is also why Neo-Progressivism hates Conservatism, because that bal­ance doesn’t allow Neo-Progressivism to be the sole moral author­i­ty on things.

And this is also why now both the Left and Right wings today have “Liberal” ele­ments in them; Liberalism emerged due to the Right’s apa­thy towards indi­vid­u­al­ism, and even­tu­al­ly began mov­ing to the Right when the Left began to grow insane. And when both Left and Right began to grow increas­ing­ly Authoritarian…

…we saw the emer­gence of a new “side” to all this to chal­lenge both the Left and the Right — Cultural Libertarianism.


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