Lament: Empathy Wasted

I’m not an empa­thet­ic per­son. I was nev­er an empa­thet­ic per­son. But for some rea­son, I’m here.

To a lot of peo­ple, Empathy is noth­ing more than the abil­i­ty to know what some­one else might be feel­ing, and know­ing what action may be appro­pri­ate at the moment. For some rea­son, I was nev­er good at that. NEVER good at that.

But even then, Empathy — to me — has always meant some­thing MORE than just that. To me, it has helped me con­quer my deep­est human prej­u­dices by look­ing at the greater pic­ture than myself. It is a gate­way to new­er ideas, in the dif­fer­ent cos­mos of minds, and even con­nect­ing with those I dis­agree with. Empathy has helped me expand my own mind even more so than sheer skep­ti­cism would have allowed. It has helped stop wars before they begin. It has helped me know my judge­ments bet­ter, beyond what may be polit­i­cal­ly cor­rect. It has helped me to safe­ly jump into the abyss which oth­ers thought to be “dan­ger­ous”, and allowed me to ven­ture into dark­ness that many oth­ers so vehe­ment­ly feared that they became dark­er than the dark­ness itself, leav­ing me reflect­ing a lit­tle bit of light that I could, on my own.

Even though I’m VERY social­ly awk­ward to com­mu­ni­cate with peo­ple, Empathy has helped me find not just the worst in human­i­ty, but also the BEST POTENTIALS in every per­son I’ve met no mat­ter how good or bad they thought them­selves to be. Empathy helped me see the past in the eyes of the ones I’ve held in my hands, and the futures care­ful­ly built by chil­dren as they fold paper and cre­ate things that would put the world’s archi­tects to shame.

I’m not an empa­thet­ic per­son. I was nev­er an empa­thet­ic per­son. But for some rea­son, empa­thy has helped me see eter­ni­ty. It’s beau­ti­ful. And I have no idea what to do with it.

Because what’s strange is that — despite being MORE empa­thet­ic than I’ve ever been — most peo­ple (with the excep­tions of a few) aren’t able to see what I see from this van­tage point.

And I feel fuck­ing lone­ly, as I lament that such a great gift of human evo­lu­tion is going to waste.


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