Kid — Radical Dreamers

Kid — Radical Dreamers

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Phew! Now that my exam’s over I can final­ly work on my projects.

This is Kid from Radical Dreamers, a text based Visual Novel. [link] For rea­sons, Kid often reminds me of Kitty from Bartimaeus Trilogy. :lmao:

This is a con­cept art for a project I’m cur­rent­ly work­ing on. Those who are inter­est­ed in work­ing with us as an artist (char­ac­ters or back­ground), sprit­er, or any­thing else, do note me. (Nobody’s going to pay you for it, of course, as it is a fun and free fan-project so keep that in mind. xD This is just a chance to boost your port­fo­lio and all that.)


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