In Memory of Glenn — Chrono Trigger

In Memory of Glenn — Chrono Trigger

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A char­ac­ter from Chrono Trigger (again). But tried to do it slight­ly in CC’s por­trait style. (with my own lot adjust­ments obvi­ous­ly ;3) A slight “hero­ic” paint­ing-like por­trait for Magus Unmasked project. XD Sorry for the hor­ri­ble water­mark.

The great hero once trav­eled across the sev­en seas of the world and time. His devo­tion to the Queen was unend­ing and he’d die to pro­tect his king­dom and his Queen. He’d avenge his fall­en com­rade even if it means to tran­scend time. Filled with patri­o­tism, faith and vengeance in his heart he set sail across the veil of mys­ter­ies and emerged as a sav­ior.

Now where he tru­ly is, it is known naught. The events of Chrono Cross fails to tell us. But we can say that he must have gone in search of a new adven­ture, as many hero­ic deeds await him!

Long live Sir Glenn of Guardia.

Goes great with THIS music:


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