Gender-Bending and Introspection

When writ­ing my sto­ry, just on a whim, I decid­ed to turn my pri­ma­ry pro­tag­o­nist from male to female. While much of the plot remains the same, I noticed some­thing about myself that star­tled me.

My char­ac­ter was stronger, and more dynam­ic, and no longer eclipsed by the sec­ondary pro­tag­o­nist. Which made me real­ize that this char­ac­ter had sim­i­lar traits as my oth­er female pro­tag­o­nists in oth­er sto­ries.

It’s as if I sub­con­scious­ly believe females to some­how be “stronger” and more prac­ti­cal than their male coun­ter­parts — that’s despite the fact that I cur­rent­ly find no dif­fer­ences in poten­tials between male and female minds, but may still take cul­tur­al effects into account — which con­trary to what we’ve been told in pop-cul­ture and media (you know how the con­ven­tion­al idea goes: They say females are sen­ti­men­tal, while males are ratio­nal and prac­ti­cal, which is com­plete bull­shit). This in itself is sur­pris­ing, because I judge traits by indi­vid­u­al­ism, not class or gen­der iden­ti­ty.

This doesn’t seem to reveal much about our world, as much as it reveals some­thing about myself. And it’s no won­der that:

1) I tend to fall in love with women who I believe to be psy­cho­log­i­cal­ly and prag­mat­i­cal­ly supe­ri­or to me (such as Jannie, and a few oth­ers in my friends list, and oth­ers NOT in my friends list because they don’t believe in Facebook).

2) Pop-Media annoys me, because it doesn’t sat­is­fy my soul’s own crav­ing for a “good” female pro­tag­o­nist. (Forget the boobs, sex­i­ness, and con­stant talk about men and dates that are too cliché; But give me SOMEONE who can immor­tal­ize them­selves in my mind, like Goethe’s Mephisto, DeathNote’s L, Leblanc’s Lupin, or Stroud’s Bartimaeus…)

If there’s any­thing you can per­son­al­ly take from this, it’s this: don’t be afraid to turn your world upside down. It refresh­es the way you look at the world, and chal­lenges long-held beliefs.


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