Friend-Zone — One Pager

Friend-Zone is a 2D Action Co-Op Beat-Em Up, like Streets of Rage series, about seem­ing­ly ordi­nary women going on a com­i­cal quest to res­cue the protagonist’s boyfriend from a jeal­ous man who’s been friend-zoned. The game­play is sim­ple and engag­ing, like most Beat-Em Ups, focus­ing on the vari­ety of ways you can attack an ene­my, while also improv­ing upon pre­vi­ous titles in the genre by cre­at­ing more inter­ac­tive lev­els. Unlike most titles in the genre, Friend-Zone doesn’t take itself too seri­ous­ly, thus not only pro­vid­ing auton­o­my of design but also help­ing craft a very enjoy­able Co-Op expe­ri­ence for gamers.


The game fol­lows the pro­tag­o­nist Cole Coffee, who real­izes that her boyfriend Mick Shaikh is miss­ing, quit­ting office (against her manager’s will) to find him. She is assist­ed by the sec­ond play­er Garima (Ginger) Chai, a hard-ass worka­holic obsessed with get­ting things done, in fol­low­ing clues and fight­ing through appar­ent­ly dan­ger­ous obsta­cles to find Mick and con­front who­ev­er it is that has tak­en him. As the game pro­gress­es, the play­ers are slow­ly exposed to the nature and sto­ry of the world where this quest is tak­ing place, but with­out a sin­gle text of dia­logue (sim­i­lar to the old Metroid games).

The game is divid­ed into dif­fer­ent Chapters, dif­fer­ent stages as mod­ules, each with its own unique sto­ry and rev­e­la­tion, and has a lin­ear pro­gres­sion from begin­ning to end. Each lev­el is the­mat­i­cal­ly unique, with dif­fer­ent ene­mies and ways to inter­act, but still focus­ing on your abil­i­ty to fight ene­mies dif­fer­ent­ly. Each lev­el may also teach the play­er how to use cer­tain moves that may not be appar­ent at the begin­ning, allow­ing both new play­ers to adapt as well as speed-run­ners to blaze through the game. This elim­i­nates the need for pro­gres­sion mechan­ics and relies entire­ly on the player’s skill, but will also assert the need to not pun­ish the play­ers too heav­i­ly for their mis­takes.

Key Features

  • Variety of moves — Many ways to attack an ene­my. All the spe­cial abil­i­ties are avail­able from the begin­ning, though the game can also be played using basic moves.
  • Combos — Certain moves can be can­celled mid-way with oth­er moves, allow­ing high-dam­ag­ing chain of attacks.
  • Flow Points — Mana Points with a twist. Attacking an ene­my helps you gen­er­ate Flow Points, which enable you to use Special Moves.
  • Old-School Co-Op — Play the entire game local­ly with a friend. Up to two play­ers can play togeth­er.
  • Snatch Weapons — Take the weapons ene­mies drop and use it against them!
  • Ride Animals — None are might­i­er than the beasts of prey.
  • Versus Mode (Optional) — This fea­ture will need to be exper­i­ment­ed on after the first demo is fin­ished. If the exper­i­ment is a suc­cess, there will also be a ver­sus mode where you can bat­tle one-on-one against your friends. Other non-playable char­ac­ters will also be playable in this mode.

Platforms and Other Technical Details

The game will be devel­oped solo, by me, using open­source OpenBOR engine, and allow­ing me to focus more on the art-side than the tech­ni­cal side due to my lack of cod­ing knowl­edge. The game will be avail­able on Windows and Linux, and if pos­si­ble by any stretch, even on Nintendo Wii, and will have mere aver­age mod­ern hard­ware require­ments. I plan to make the game com­mer­cial­ly be avail­able via STEAM.