Friend-Zone — One Pager

Friend-Zone is a 2D Action Co-Op Beat-Em Up, like Streets of Rage series, about seemingly ordinary women going on a comical quest to rescue the protagonist’s boyfriend from a jealous man who’s been friend-zoned. The gameplay is simple and engaging, like most Beat-Em Ups, focusing on the variety of ways you can attack an enemy, while also improving upon previous titles in the genre by creating more interactive levels. Unlike most titles in the genre, Friend-Zone doesn’t take itself too seriously, thus not only providing autonomy of design but also helping craft a very enjoyable Co-Op experience for gamers.


The game follows the protagonist Cole Coffee, who realizes that her boyfriend Mick Shaikh is missing, quitting office (against her manager’s will) to find him. She is assisted by the second player Garima (Ginger) Chai, a hard-ass workaholic obsessed with getting things done, in following clues and fighting through apparently dangerous obstacles to find Mick and confront whoever it is that has taken him. As the game progresses, the players are slowly exposed to the nature and story of the world where this quest is taking place, but without a single text of dialogue (similar to the old Metroid games).

The game is divided into different Chapters, different stages as modules, each with its own unique story and revelation, and has a linear progression from beginning to end. Each level is thematically unique, with different enemies and ways to interact, but still focusing on your ability to fight enemies differently. Each level may also teach the player how to use certain moves that may not be apparent at the beginning, allowing both new players to adapt as well as speed-runners to blaze through the game. This eliminates the need for progression mechanics and relies entirely on the player’s skill, but will also assert the need to not punish the players too heavily for their mistakes.

Key Features

  • Variety of moves – Many ways to attack an enemy. All the special abilities are available from the beginning, though the game can also be played using basic moves.
  • Combos – Certain moves can be cancelled mid-way with other moves, allowing high-damaging chain of attacks.
  • Flow Points – Mana Points with a twist. Attacking an enemy helps you generate Flow Points, which enable you to use Special Moves.
  • Old-School Co-Op – Play the entire game locally with a friend. Up to two players can play together.
  • Snatch Weapons – Take the weapons enemies drop and use it against them!
  • Ride Animals – None are mightier than the beasts of prey.
  • Versus Mode (Optional) – This feature will need to be experimented on after the first demo is finished. If the experiment is a success, there will also be a versus mode where you can battle one-on-one against your friends. Other non-playable characters will also be playable in this mode.

Platforms and Other Technical Details

The game will be developed solo, by me, using opensource OpenBOR engine, and allowing me to focus more on the art-side than the technical side due to my lack of coding knowledge. The game will be available on Windows and Linux, and if possible by any stretch, even on Nintendo Wii, and will have mere average modern hardware requirements. I plan to make the game commercially be available via STEAM.