Epic Rapbattle — Blake vs Eminem

The fol­low­ing Visual Poetry is a co-effort between Clovis, Thought and me. Artworks for the dis­play pic­ture was done by me sole­ly. 

WARNING!: Vulgar / offen­sive lan­guage ahead!

You know Eminem: the great­est rap­per to rap about how he likes rap­ping. When this machine-gun-mouth sets his foot into the are­na for a bat­tle he will nev­er budge until his ene­my is thrashed with humil­i­a­tion.

And yet rap, itself an art, pales in before the great­est clas­sic rhymes that defined foun­da­tions of the art form first. But what if Eminem were to face off against the Master of rhymes him­self? Witness the two rebels duke it out (exclu­sive­ly on Online Chatrooms).


  1. This is about as cre­ative as you can get. I’m on Blake’s side, of course. I’ve lis­tened to a lit­tle rap, and I admire the ver­bal facil­i­ty need­ed to achieve what the good rap­pers achieve, but I’m at least as old as Blake if not as mys­ti­cal. Great effort that dips down into the pot of rain­bows storm­ing through big, dark clouds and shines all over the place.

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