Epic Rapbattle – Blake vs Eminem

The following Visual Poetry is a co-effort between Clovis, Thought and me. Artworks for the display picture was done by me solely. 

WARNING!: Vulgar / offensive language ahead!

You know Eminem: the greatest rapper to rap about how he likes rapping. When this machine-gun-mouth sets his foot into the arena for a battle he will never budge until his enemy is thrashed with humiliation.

And yet rap, itself an art, pales in before the greatest classic rhymes that defined foundations of the art form first. But what if Eminem were to face off against the Master of rhymes himself? Witness the two rebels duke it out (exclusively on Online Chatrooms).


  1. This is about as creative as you can get. I’m on Blake’s side, of course. I’ve listened to a little rap, and I admire the verbal facility needed to achieve what the good rappers achieve, but I’m at least as old as Blake if not as mystical. Great effort that dips down into the pot of rainbows storming through big, dark clouds and shines all over the place.

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