Doctor Who and Red Riding Hood

Doctor Who and Red Riding Hood

What hap­pens when the Tenth Doctor meets Red Riding Hood? It looks like there’s anoth­er Bad Wolf in town with a tum­my that’s big­ger on the inside.

Witness the time­less trip to a fairy-tale adven­ture!

This even has a com­ic! Check it out here: [link]

Inspired by Karen Hallion’s mag­nif­i­cent piece you can find here: [link]

If you’d like, you can buy this as…
iPad case: [link]
Prints, Cards or Posters: [link]

Disclaimer: The char­ac­ters them­selves aren’t owned by me. Red Riding Hood is pub­lic domain, while The Doctor (from Doctor Who) is owned by BBC.


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