Chrono Bookmarks Edition 1

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Chrono Compendium’s Chrono Bookmarks: First Edition

You can down­load the PDF ver­sion from here — [link]

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The project start­ed as an artis­tic col­lab­o­ra­tion for Christmas at Chrono Compendium, but may extend with more demand and response. Chrono Arts Fest aims to make a col­lec­tion of Bookmarks, Cards and any­thing that can be print­ed and includ­ed in the PDF releas­es. If you would like to join the fest, please vis­it — [link]


1) Print on an A4 sized Card-sheet or any mod­er­ate­ly-thick paper. Inkjet recom­m­mend­ed, but Laser-print­ers with equiv­a­lent qual­i­ty should also suf­fice.
2) Each page has two cards. Cut them out by the out­line, with each book­mark leav­ing you with an art­work on the left side and quote/credit on the right. Cut or fold in such a way that the right side ends up direct­ly behind the art-side, and paste.
3) Optional: Punch a hole at the bar above the art­work and loop a rib­bon or thread of your lik­ing.


—Chrono Trigger—
Crono — Art by :icontushantin:, Texture by :iconpalnk:
Glenn — Art by :icontushantin:, Texture by :iconraregirl86:
Janus the Cat — Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Janus and Alfador (Christmas) — Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Nu — Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Schala — Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Schala 2 — Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:

—Chrono Cross—
Kid — Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:
Janice — Art by :iconaphelion-of-mine:

—Radical Dreamers—
Serge — Art by :icontushantin:, Texture by :iconninstock:

====== Disclaimer ======
We do not claim rights to the Chrono fan­chise. Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers are prop­er­ties of Square Enix and Yuji Horii respec­tive­ly. However, these book­marks are com­plete­ly non-prof­it and are works by-fans-for-fans, and thus are con­sid­ered fanarts.


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