Chasing Stolen Passions

A Quatrains chain in Iambic Tetrameter, for my love Jannie. A spe­cial Valentine’s poet­ry.


When silence fell, and hope was lost,
I heard a voice of sweet­est bliss,
That took me by a moment’s cost;
Then pas­sion bloomed with a stolen kiss.

My frozen soul was sel­dom frail,
Yet fer­vent lips sets hearts ablaze;
I’m set adrift in longing’s gale,
I kin­dle uncer­tain, wist­ful rays.

Seeking, chas­ing, thirst­ing ashore
In ecsta­sy, two birds still dream
To quench this lust, ful­fil this lore;
Those moments lost… Let love redeem.

Let go no more, we’ve much to gain,
Let go no more of this ardent leap.
You are the lie that soothes my pain,
You are the truth that makes me weep.


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