Charis — Portrait


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Charis (Nemesis) from Wildstorm. If something’s out­ta place, lemme know. I scanned this at work (and you must know, the mon­i­tor and scan­ner I’ve been using to scan and upload are crap­py).

A request by :iconx-snicklefritz-x:
Gawd knows how many papers and time I’ve scrapped. @_@ Trying to fig­ure out bat­tle pos­es, or maybe even Charis med­i­tat­ing. But I also want­ed to try out my new char­coal pen­cils to their full extent, so jah. I know, this art ain’t my best, sor­ry about that. *goes off to wash his filthy char­coal hands*

Tools used: Pencils (6B to 2B), Stadtler lin­eart, Camlin char­coal pen­cils, eras­er, Q-tips (thanks to the idea brought by :iconnabey:)



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