Cedric Guardia

Cedric Guardia

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This is Cedric Guardia, the Arbiter of the Flame, from Crimson Echoes (one of the BEST fan­fic­tions ever made!) and the pri­ma­ry antag­o­nist of my upcom­ing non-prof­it ani­ma­tion — Moonlight Reckoning. You may call him Undead, or even Immortal. Maybe a force of good doing stuff the evil way, or just plain kick­ass; you pick.

=D Hahaha didn’t both­er with the back­ground, sor­ry. But my aim was to get Cedric to look right (for the pur­pose of the ani­ma­tion). But spe­cial thanks to all the Crimson Echoes team for this unique char­ac­ter.

Keep an eye out, mates!


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