RIP Isao Takahata – On Trapping Sunlight in a Box

I’ve just heard the news that Isao Takahata, of Studio Ghibli and passed away today.

I can’t claim to be a big fan of his, as I have yet to watch several of his works — including Grave of the Fireflies — he has left me with some really prominent childhood memories with a classic show from the World Masterpiece Theater, Heidi, Girl of the Alps.

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Imagine A Stick — On Arts and Psychology

Talking about Art and Psychology, but might also contain a bit of insight on Politics.

They say imagination encircles the world. That’s a good view, but there’s another story. Even though imagination may not necessarily be “finite”, it is still susceptible to human limitations. These limitations vary from person to person, and affects many instances of our lives (and even our beliefs).

How do you find out the limits of your own imagination?

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Keeping The ‘Kalam’ In Hand

A passionate engineer. A reluctant politician. A man who was so intellectually and empathetically connected with the youth of this nation that his birthday is regarded as World Students Day.

A tragic news detonated across the internet: The People’s President had passed away due to cardiac arrest. Knowing this, the social media flooded with remorse, venerations and even stories of the man’s intelligence, accomplishments and — above all — his kindness.

This isn’t one of those stories. There’s plenty of them elsewhere.

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Time Travel Art Collab

It’s done. Whatever it was that you sought to create — an art project, poetry, writing, performance, etc. — it’s done! Finishing your project gives you a certain sense of accomplishment that’s unparalleled. You’ve worked hard on it, and you’ve come out with flying colors. You’re proud of what you’ve just built, and it might just stay with you forever.

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My (Kinda Technical) Journey In Magic

I might make another post describing my “Spiritual” journey, considering the contents are slightly different from what I’m attempting to write here. If I don’t, I hope someone holds me up to it.

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When My Girlfriend Satires Me

It seems that my love for metaphors and surrealism in my art may not have the necessary clarity required for a Spoken Word performance. Even more of a problem is that this inability to express myself wanders into my everyday interactions with people as well, where I’m unable to properly express my mind, or end up giving people wrong impressions about me. I’ve often prided myself for being a circular thinker, but it seems to take some skill to translate those circular thoughts is linear linguistic formats.

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