Dear Voters

I’ve noticed something important in the current Karnataka Assembly Elections, which is also a similar trend I’ve been witnessing with the American presidential elections of 2016. Given that the Indian General Election is just around the corner (by which I mean next year), I wanted to say something that I’m not sure how many people will welcome it. I still hope you can give it a thought.

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RIP Isao Takahata – On Trapping Sunlight in a Box

I’ve just heard the news that Isao Takahata, of Studio Ghibli and passed away today.

I can’t claim to be a big fan of his, as I have yet to watch several of his works — including Grave of the Fireflies — he has left me with some really prominent childhood memories with a classic show from the World Masterpiece Theater, Heidi, Girl of the Alps.

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Slam Poetry, SJW-ism and Rant Poems

Before I begin, let me ask you this: Is it really THAT hard (particularly for ideologues) to write a poem without making a political statement?

Good lord, it’s getting harder and harder to find poems on Youtube that are NOT Far-Left / Neo-Progressive or Far-Right Religious tripe. Not that I mind listening to them (some of them are pretty good), but they’re so riddled with… bullshit.

On top of THAT, it’s almost as if most poets are worried their art will have no meaning if they don’t shoehorn Social Justice messages into it. I mean, we all love SJW-ism once in a while, but does is nobody write something that makes you overcome with WONDER anymore? Does nobody tell a story anymore?

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Left Wing, Right Wing, and the Third Option

Disclaimer: I don’t claim to be an expert in politics, but I’ve been doing my fair share of study and this is what I’ve observed. If you disagree with me on anything, feel free to critique my views.

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Imagine A Stick — On Arts and Psychology, and a Minuscule Bit of Politics

Talking about Art and Psychology, but might also contain a bit of insight on Politics.

They say imagination encircles the world. That’s a good view, but it’s also way too utopic. Truth is, even though imagination may not necessarily be “finite”, it is still susceptible to human limitations. These limitations vary from person to person, and affects many instances of our lives (and even our beliefs).

How do you find out the limits of your own imagination?

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An Empathetic Note On “Men Not Being Able To Express Their Feelings”

I understand that this has more to do with individual traits maturity rather than gender (which is why I’ll never be an MRA), but for some reason identity politics like Feminism seem to misconstrue the phenomenon of “men not being able to express their feelings”, tying them up with Patriarchy. How they do it, what they think it means, I won’t get into the details of it because you already know the narrative.
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An Open Letter To The Feminists Who Still Defend Liberal Principles

Ever since the Fourth Wave has begun, I’ve noticed a trend recently, especially in Social Media: Most individuals only seem to “befriend” each other, not because they have something in common or want to get along in a socially healthy way, but because everyone seems to be wanting to “connect” with potential political allies, and ditching them entirely when they don’t seem to be (such as being “seemingly racist” when criticizing the situation with Islam / Saudi Arabia, when they’re in fact not racists).

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Do Anti-Feminists Understand Feminism?

Some thoughts on Anti-Feminism.

Everytime someone begins to critique — or even outright unfairly slams — Feminism, one of the most common responses is the old scripted and regurgitated line, “You don’t understand Feminism”. This is ironic, considering Feminism at large doesn’t really understand why anyone would be opposed to the ideology either (they often assume it’s because “Male Supremacists don’t wanna give away power” or “want the right to rape”, which is nonsensical because… who the heck in their right minds would want the RIGHT to RAPE?)

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Musings: Languages, Cultures and Conflicts. Why We Suck At Communicating

Contrary to popular belief (and I could again put “Feminism” as an example here, but I digress), words and languages aren’t a monolith. Not only do their definitions, or even core “meaning” beyond definitions, change through time but they are also extremely malleable. In fact, a given “bad word” may mean as something offensive today but can also be a badge of honor tomorrow (unless you’re persistent about keeping it that way). Such words include “nerds” and “geeks”, the values of which was negative a decade back but now is widely accepted by popular scientists to describe themselves.

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