Doobbear — Motion Graphics Promo

A few years back I was asked to help RollingStache Studios cre­ate a pro­mo­tion­al video for a brand new social media app called Doobbear. So, with every ounce of my skill at my dis­pos­al, from sto­ry­board­ing, to ani­ma­tion, I did just that, along with help from artists from the stu­dio han­dling illus­tra­tions, cer­tain aspects of motion graph­ics, as well as the final com­pi­la­tion and sound design.

Since I was pro­fi­cient in them — and because it was entire­ly pos­si­ble as well as con­ve­nient — I stuck through the entire project with open­source soft­ware, such as Inkscape, Krita, Synfig and Blender.