MCA CET 2017) — Animated Promo">Gunvan Bharat (MCA CET 2017) — Animated Promo

This sum­mer, I was com­mis­sioned for two ani­mat­ed videos to pro­mote Gunvan Bharat’s reg­is­tra­tions open­ings — one which I’m not real­ly proud of (giv­en the rushed dead­line), and anoth­er which I real­ly like how it turned out. This post is about the lat­ter.

The brief for this one giv­en to me was sim­ple, frame-by-frame ani­ma­tion (aka, frames drawn by hand), with the style being noth­ing but clean lines.

Of course, there were aspects of the sto­ry­board that couldn’t be quick­ly done by hand giv­en the tight dead­line, so I had to resort to cheat­ing — using back­face culling and motion tweens in 3D space — while still giv­ing it the appear­ance of hand-drawn ani­ma­tion.

The tools used in this project were Krita (for frame-by-frame ani­ma­tion), Synfig and Blender (for every­thing else).

Doobbear — Motion Graphics Promo

A few years back I was asked to help RollingStache Studios cre­ate a pro­mo­tion­al video for a brand new social media app called Doobbear. So, with every ounce of my skill at my dis­pos­al, from sto­ry­board­ing, to ani­ma­tion, I did just that, along with help from artists from the stu­dio han­dling illus­tra­tions, cer­tain aspects of motion graph­ics, as well as the final com­pi­la­tion and sound design.

Since I was pro­fi­cient in them — and because it was entire­ly pos­si­ble as well as con­ve­nient — I stuck through the entire project with open­source soft­ware, such as Inkscape, Krita, Synfig and Blender.

Polar Detective — Prologue

When a famous busi­ness tycoon Rudolf Rednose orders a vast­ly expen­sive and rare plate of Sushi, he prob­a­bly nev­er thought he’d be a tar­get of a sin­is­ter crime. But why bur­gle the lit­tle place of Wallace Walrus to begin with?

Perhaps the mys­tery goes deep­er, and may cross roads with a noto­ri­ous crim­i­nal want­ed for food thefts.

A grand game is afoot. Stay tuned!