To Humanity, With Love

An English version rewrite of the recent, popular song Satyamev Jayate (Truth Alone Triumphs), composed by Ram Sampath and written by Prasoon Joshi (listen to the original here). The idea that producer Amir Khan had for the song was a hymn of “romance” towards humanity and truth. I share this hymn, hoping to adapt its vivid sentiments in English verses and do justice to it for foreign readers.

This is not a word-to-word translation of the song (which you can find here instead); this is an aesthetic rewrite to preserve the sentiments (or reinvent / re-adapt concepts). You could say it’s a song of the same feelings sung from another’s heart and words.

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The Valentine’s Witch

Note: The following poetry is a conceptual “opposite” of what you’d call a Serenade, something which I’ve been experimenting with lately. This song is from a boy’s perception to his murderous ex-girlfriend.

A challenge for poets (preferably females, but anyone is free to do so): If you feel inspired this Valentine’s day, write a similar poetry from the girl’s perspective to the boy, preferably titled, “The Valentine’s (insert offensive description here)”. After all, some boys deserve to have their asses kicked. 😉

Don’t forget to show me when you do!

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Fallen Zest

Stars apprise when come the night,
When zestful wings stumble from their plight
Of the bravest challenge and reckless bout,
But held their fists in doubt.

Dreams were great, stars were close,
But their wings forbid, their spirits froze.
Now, heaven was far, so far away,
And guilt marked his face betray.

Once truthful eyes pierced the haze,
And all reality bowed to his gaze;
Now tear-soaked truth lay in his sight,
But all he sees is the stumble and plight.

And to the angel’s gravest dismay,
He was forgotten, and dead to the day.