The Dying Score (Short)

A late tribute to the late Maya Angelou. May she rest in peace. This might manifest into a longer poem of its own in the future.

There’s something more
That you ought to know
There was a greater play
That was written before
Your life was even your own.
Now that you turn the next stone,
Play your greatest score
And carve your lore
In the heart of life, as it walks out the door,
After it screams, “ENCORE!”

Your score will be played again.
New lad, new spirit. But the same violin.

Regarding Oblivion: Why We Needn’t Fear Of Being Forgotten

My first blog post, and it’s long and unrefined. This post manifested from a beautiful conversation I’ve recently had with a friend. Brace yourselves!

Throughout my life, I’ve met many people who dream of being rich and famous — and it’s a no-brainer that almost everyone wants to be rich and famous. Many of them have their different reasons behind these wants. A lot of them, like Kevin MacLeod, merely want to be recognized for the beautiful works they do. Many also seem to want a life of luxury, where their need of comfort (we could debate if such an art is soulless, but that’s for another topic) is what drives their art. Many others want to simply “follow the social ladder” of popularity as the norms have encouraged.

And some are simply afraid of oblivion.

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Grey Magic

When we’re left limbo between absolutes and fantasy, it might be confusing to know if we ought to ride the streams as they are, or bend the streams to our will.

Note: This is my only poem currently that requires the use of sleight-of-hand coin magic to properly portray what I mean. 

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The Chicken and the Road

Why did the chicken cross the road?
It did not.

There IS no other side.
Is there any place to hide
From the doubts of within
That makes our head spin?

I wish I could Pin-
Point that one voice from the din
That encourages me on
To the road of a new dawn.

Polar Detective — Prologue

When a famous business tycoon Rudolf Rednose orders a vastly expensive and rare plate of Sushi, he probably never thought he’d be a target of a sinister crime. But why burgle the little place of Wallace Walrus to begin with?

Perhaps the mystery goes deeper, and may cross roads with a notorious criminal wanted for food thefts.

A grand game is afoot. Stay tuned!